Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A Simple Trail Run

I got out for a short run at lunch today – up, over and around Ring Mountain.  I’ve done this run with Ben and Soda before – but have done it about 5 times in the past 2 weeks.  It’s 5 miles and you climb almost 600 feet and descend 600 feet.  There are a ton of different trails to take – so each and every run can be different – it keeps running fresh and like Greg mentioned today, trail running is sort of what got us into this whole mess we call Triathlon. 

Today I decided to bring a $600 camera that I just got back from the repair shop on the run.  I was careful to not beef it.  The trail has some flats but is mostly up from 4% to areas of 30% where you can basically run up stairs.  It’s pretty exposed but as you can see below – it’s worth it for the views and I can’t think of a better place to remind me at how lucky I am to be able to run up this hill, to live in such an amazing place and to have a super duper killer awesome neato family to return to at the end of every run.

Here’s the view as you head up – about 15 mins into the run.

October2008 109 Stitch








At some points – the trail is not easy to discern from… well, the rocks. 

October2008 117





















Here is the view from one of the 2-3 peaks you traverse along the ridge.

October2008 135 Stitch





This is the fire road that seems to be all over the place though I’ve never seen the beginning or end of it.  If there is a fire I wouldn’t worry much because rocks and dirt are pretty much crappy for fires.

October2008 119




































Here is the view at the top – that is Sausalito ahead and Mt Tam on the right.

October2008 120 Stitch





and to the left – you can see San Quentin, the Richmond bridge, my neighborhood below and Oakland in the distance on the right.

October2008 145 Stitch






Here’s the elevation – pretty much a run up and then down to the trailhead and then over the mtn and back home again.










Here’s the whole 5 mile route.















As I came down the mountain I turned around and saw this interesting fortress of Dr. Evil being built into the hillside:

October2008 160 October2008 161












When I return home – I was greeted by Piper who took the biggest poop I’ve ever seen in my life (I took a picture but won’t post it) – she was super proud and made me come look, I was proud and impressed and then had to clean it up. 

And this little beauty was awaiting my return – so I’m basically luck all around.



Greg Remaly said...

whoa, great pictures! I'll have to join you on that run sometime - i'm sure there's a lot of exploring to do for longer runs as well.

also, i'm really enjoying this new "naked barbie doll" thing on your blog lately - keep them coming! This one looks like she's randy and waiting in bed for you - Very Nice! (in Borat voice)

Soda said...

one part of the fire trail starts near my house. I like that run better when you can see the views, it is less fun in the fog. It's really disconbobulating.

Sarah said...


Sounds like a good run, Loren.

That's all I have to say.