Tuesday, October 14, 2008

FOR SALE: HED V04 TT Bike w/Dura Ace and Shimano PRO Wheels

I’m selling this rare and killer TT bike- fully built w/Dura Ace.  The bike includes the HED V04 Frame, fork, seatpost and HED aerobars.  This bike is a size “Large” and should fit any rider who is 5’10” to 6’ tall (57cm).  The bike has a Dura Ace brake set (using the HED aero levers), Dura Ace 175mm Crank with a 53 big ring (I’ve got 55 if you want it), DA chain, ISM Adamo saddle  and Dura Ace front/rear derailleurs.

Bike: retails for $1,495.00

Bars: retails for $640.00

Dura Ace Group: retails for $1,395.00

My price: $1,800 no wheels, $2,800 w/Shimano PRO Wheels shown below.











I can include the Pro Disc and 4 Spoke front wheel for $1,000 – or $2,800 for the whole thing including the wheels.

Shimano - PRO Carbon Disc Wheel

Shimano - Pro 4Ray Wheel








email me or leave a comment if you’re interested. 


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Kelly said...

steves actually looking for a cheap tt, but you are WAY taller than him