Sunday, October 12, 2008

A few good hills

Despite feeling terrible – I got out for a short ride with Soda, Westie and Rich Steele.  We did a quick loop from Tiburon to Muir Beach, up highway 1 to Stinson and up and over Mt. Tam.  Once again I’m grateful for the new Power Tap I’ve got to help me measure out my wattage.  The goal for the next 8 weeks is to ride 210-250w and no more than 270 on the hills (a bit tougher but doable).  There used to be a lot of times where I’d climb a hill, push over the top at a HR level and then onto the downhill or flats – but with power as soon as the pavement changes grade – so does wattage and I’m constantly having to pedal a lot more than I used to in order to maintain the appropriate wattage. 

Yesterday I was not feeling great but since my cold wasn’t in my chest and because I needed to burn some calories – I still rode.  It was a perfect day – cool but not a since cloud in sight and I don’t recall seeing more than a dozen cars in about 2 hours.

Below is the elevation chart.  Had I also charted the complaints from the group it would look similar. 












I avg. 234w on the ride which felt pretty good.  I’ll be excited for the days when my coach says to push 300-350 on the climbs – but am happy to build strength over the next few weeks.  You can see the climbs and HOW WE STOPPED TO WAIT FOR THE 2 VERTICALLY CHALLENGE ATHELETEs like 4 times.  But it’s early season and I wasn’t too high strung for once to care.  I could definitely stand to get my Lean1 program going again to help with the climbing. 












If you watched the Ironman yesteday – you’ll see that Macca dropepd out.  He had a cable break – something that has never happened to him and a picture from the finish line last night from Macca’s agent Scott Fairchild.  Like Ian, I too have put my name into the 2009 Hawaii Ironman lottery.  No idea if it will happen but if Ian and I were to both get it – it would be pretty amazing for both of us to be there with our families. 

photo (5)

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Soda said...

ya know what, it isn't my fault God made me vertically challanged and with a lack of high cadence up hill... I'll take you any day on the swim course or better yet I'd like to see you hit a 65mph fastball pitched from 40ft away!

The day was SPECTACULAR despite the climbs.

Chris Westall said...

Yeah... What Soda said! LOL

I'll change my version to I'd like to see you hit a 96 mph fastball from 60'6".

Although I have to admit I'm in better shape now than I was when I was playing ball.

And I'm up for that ride every Saturday if you are... it was great!