Thursday, October 9, 2008

The 2009 Season Begins…

It started on Monday – 7:30am as I rode into work for what is to be my last full week in the office in SF before I start working from home and soon working for Microsoft (I’ll be a Sr. Business Analyst) on 10/27.  Here’s how the week has started:

  1. Rode 20 miles into work and 20 home – I was tired, it’s only Monday.
  2. Run AM: whoops, didn’t sleep well (thanks a ton current job!) and didn’t run, stretched good instead for 20 mins.
  3. Rode same as Monday – except my butt hurts after a month off the bike.  It’s probably because I’m about 7lbs heavier. 
  4. Talked everyone I knew into doing Oceanside 70.3 and to register early.  I didn’t and it’s sold out and they don’t do a waitlist.  Dumb dumb dumb.
    1. Plan B: New Orleans 70.3 – same weekend, longer drive but fewer hills!

DSC02338 I’m also now using Greg’s Power Tap, formerly Courtenay’s Power Tap.  It’s hard.  For the past 2 seasons we’ve (coach and I) have used my HR equivalent of power zones – but now I’ve got both.  I basically ride too hard up hills (350w) and too easy on the flats (190w) – so now I’ve got to ride for the next few weeks (8) in my Z2 on the flats (210-250w) and a max of Z3 on the hills (250-270w).  I’m not entirely sure how to start the thing so it records each workout – so for now I could only download 2 workouts from Monday.  I rode home and into work about 6 mins faster than I did during the season – so power training is definitely the way to ensure you’re doing the work! 

I’ve also always wondered what power equates to in terms of MPH – so here are some tidbits (I’m 175, my bike is about 18lbs with the heavier wheelset and I carry a backpack with about 10lbs of food, clothing and laptop):

avg W for flat, cruising along on flat pavement at 20.5-21.5mph: 225w

avg W for flat cruising along on flat pavement at 17mph in headwind: 275w

avg W for flat cruising along on bumpy pavement at 19.5mph: 235w

avg W for bridging up to the guy who passed you on the hill because you were staying in your power zone of 270w on the climb but couldn’t stand to see him dangling off the front about 50m from you: 368w for 1 min.

avg W for dropping 2 guys who weren’t climbing very quickly but would run stop signs and get ahead of you: 468w for 2 mins

avg W to catch a bus so you could get it’s draft and not missing morning meeting in 7 minutes: 972w for 15 seconds.

Note: above is a picture I found on my camera that Sada took (she took about 50).  This is her Barbie Mariposa and her sister in the background.  Piper’s head looks like a picture – it looks weird.  Barbie’s head got ripped off – so I shoved it on there and now she’s got sort of no neck.  Piper’s head and neck are fine.

Here is a deal from Nutrition 53 that I get to pass along:

Below is the inspirational thought of the day:



Kelly said...

yay powertap!!!!

and oh my god, everyone goes up hills too hard, it's really annoying, especially on group rides, cause ill be like 'no, im not doing 350W uphill so that you can then go 70w downhill' dumb, dumb, dumb. its super good for racing tt too cause it makes you stay consistent.

Ben said...

what kind of watts does it take to get out of the Cay when you're late for the ferry? And what's kind off wattage do you push while on the ferry?

Loren Pokorny said...

Getting out of the Cay (it's a 23% grade at the top of our street) takes 702w for about 10 seconds. I don't take the ferry in anymore -but I'm guessing it's pretty low, maybe 0.

Sarah said...

Awww now I want a powertap. That sounds awesome...and way more productive.

Sigh. There are just way too many things to spend my money on right now.

And I have no money! Damn.

anyway, i never understood why other girls ripped Barbie's head off...I never did that to any of my dolls. I gave them haircuts, but never ripped the head off. Hm.

Anonymous said...


Wonderful. Another "training tool" to become a slave to.

"Where's Loren?"

"Oh, he's still half way up the hill - he doesn't want his little machine showing a read out over 300".

Just frickin' ride.


Your bald techno bashing friend