Thursday, October 23, 2008

A 10k a Day

Today I ran a 10k.  I went out pretty easy and had to remind myself a few times that it was EARLY and that I needed to go slow.  I am not using a HR monitor – just a Garmin 201 and I’m just running for fun and by time.  Lately I’ve been running the loop around Ring Mountain which is UP or DOWN with very little flat.  Today I ran a pretty flat route and did a true 10k in 45 mins – which is a 7:15 pace.  I’ll be in the pool 2x next week and will be getting in about 12 hours a week of swim/bike/run – to get myself ready for some Thanksgiving Turkey and hopefully some pre-Thanksgiving Pumpkin Bread (please Greta?). 

In between all of that we’re working on getting Piper to accurately and regularly use the toilet for #2.  This sounds easy but it’s not.  She gets a bit worked up about the whole thing and turns herself into a pressure cooker.  This means she produces the biggest turds ever.  She threw down a ‘giant killer’ the other day and instead of grossing out the whole house – it caused the girls the celebrate and jump around at the massive-ness of her deed.  It was indeed worthy of celebration.  Yes, you just read a paragraph about my daughter horking out a poo the size of her leg.  To make matters worse, she was so excited that she did the whole thing on the toilet that she jumped down and kept jumping around leaving Mr. Hanky marks all over.  Hiiiiiiideeee Ho. 

Now to clear your mind of that – here’s a picture I took on my ride yesterday.  I’ll write about this ride because as great as the scenery was – it was the ugly sister of the Mt Tam ride I’ve been doing.  Man was it ugly. 


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