Friday, September 5, 2008

Zoot: Ultra M Race Shoe (aka How Awesome is That?)

MenAs some may know I’ve got a sponsorship with Zoot and GU as part of the Zoot/GU triathlon team.  They give me some stuff but it’s mostly discounted product and some nice connections.  For the 2008 season I had planned to race in these cool new tri-specific Zoot racing flats.  They promised a bunch and delivered on it.  For me at the end of the season the shoe has delivered on it’s marketing and Zoot has earned a customer beyond any sponsorships.

I raced, trained and reviewed this shoe before( reviews: One, Two and Three).  At Oceanside 70.3 the shoe worked well – but my feet both blistered (I wore socks) and it hurt.  I still stand by my recommendation that the Ultra M is a great shoe for those under the 175lb mark and as I learn now – but not necessarily for bad pronators (think of your foot basically twisting left to right with each step) – a group of which I’m a card carrying member.  I’ve tried the two pair of Brooks racing flats – because their lasts (uppers) fit me well, but the soles were either too flimsy (the T5) or bio-mechanically (post 56 mile TT) incompatible with my feet (resulting in blistering and bruising on the balls of my feet). 

So now, despite my early experience with the blistering at Oceanside I’m going to race in the Big Kahuna Half Ironman on Sunday (Sept 7th) in something similar but different. 

DSC02237Once I sent photos of the broken and cracked carbon bridge – Zoot was concerned and even sent my issue and photo to one of their product managers who just happened to be at the factory.  They quickly figured that the damage to the shoe was likely a result of my pronation which in less than 100 miles ruined the shoe and likely contributed to the blistering. 

They’re shipping me a new pair of their M Ultra Tempo+ shoes designed for runners who need some light stability – so I’ll be giving those a maiden voyage in the race.  All I have to do is send back my old ones so they can better understand the issue. 

The response from Zoot was fast and unexpected – I just wanted them to be aware of an issue and they go above and beyond (again) to make this a positive experience that I end up blogging about. 


See you after the race on Sunday!


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