Saturday, September 27, 2008

Mine is not this big

Today I went for a sail, my first one ever. 

I hit the mighty seas with Ian and his crew of real sailboat racing folks.  Not a single ARRRGH was muttered so I wasn’t sure what to think – so I mostly sat and went from side to side of the boat and stayed out of the way. 

We went out to watch the Maltese Falcon arrive in San Francisco bay as well as throw down a little sailing action.  What I didn’t know about sailboats is that it’s not nearly as boring as what I’ve typically seen: uncle ned and aunt edna out for a Sunday sail in mild wind and low seas.  Once we got out underneath the Golden Gate Bridge it was about as chaotic as when I raced cars and you’re fighting 2+G force, cornering with 6 people around you hoping to basically not die.  I

It was pretty similar, except wetter and bumpier and wavier.  When the boat began to stand on its side I checked my shorts and footing.  Water splashing over the bow, people jumping all over, more ropes than a San Francisco S&M club and trying to take pictures without falling out of the boat.  I can only imagine what racing one of these boats is like. 

Hopefully they need a ‘picture taker guy’ one day.  I’ll do that or maybe something involving getting water and cups. 

Here are some shots from today and a video clip of the Falcon cruising by.  A great day with Ian, Sally, Ben, Henry, John, and Fabrizio.  I think I like this sport.

DSC02456 DSC02474
DSC02458 DSC02480
DSC02477 DSC02482
DSC02484 DSC02525
DSC02548 DSC02555



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Ben said...

Wow, I wish I had 120 million to blow on a boat. That's how much Gates put into his house on Mercer Island. I would have gone with the boat.