Wednesday, September 17, 2008

If I Wasn’t Training

I got these pictures from Rich “Money” Steele.  These are the views from a ride from Tiburon to Mt. Tam on whose roads Greg has taken up permanent residence.  When I am training, I usually never around and enjoy the view even if only for a few seconds, I just don’t.  I should but I don’t and probably won’t if I’m holding onto Greg’s wheel (which means I probably can’t see anyhow because my eyes are crossed and there isn’t enough blood for my brain to use my eyes).

Here’s the view from about 2/3 of the way up (I think because I don’t look around, but it looks about that far but based on the size of the trees, the color and shape of the clouds and angle of the sun, I can pretty much figure out anything because I’m analyst). 





Here are some of the ‘sisters’ at the top of Mt. Tam.  It’s a pretty open road with not much around.  If you pay attention to car commercials, you’ll see this road in a lot of them.  This is the road (and climb) that made me want to move to California.  In the wintertime there is usually a lot of fog and you can’t see more than a few yards ahead but it’s quiet and a good place to be on a Saturday morning.





Here is one of about 3,329 turns up the road to the top.  It’s pretty narrow and steep and you’ll see more bikes than cars and I think no matter what time of year it’s always the same temperature under the trees. 




Sarah said...

One day I called them the 7 B****es.

It just hurt and I was soooo not feeling it.

Still, it's always an amazing view...your pics made me realize I should go ride over there sometime. It's been ages!

Soda said...

By chance I met Mr. Steele, his daughter is in my first grade class.

Pretty pictures, I need to look around more too.