Friday, September 26, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me

The older you get (I’m not as old as Ian but much older than Ben) the more I think you spending thinking around your birthday.  Life is perfect, I mean when someone asks ‘what do you want’ for your birthday and all you can think of is a few books and maybe some new clothing pieces – it’s not bad.  Despite the fact that Ian is significantly older than I am (he’s racing 40-44) he’s beating the snot out of cancer and I worry more about the apples congregating in my yard than I do about his cancer – that is good.  My family is healthy and all I can really complain about are my yet-to-be healed blisters.  Microsoft just gave me a new job as a Sr. Analyst that will enable me to work from our home 100% of the time.  This means more time with my family (except for the 1 minute commute downstairs) and being a good analyst and a few extra minutes to spending doing quality workouts and getting better recovery than I would in an office environment.  Greta just started a new job with a great commute on the TIburon/San Francisco ferry – 20 mins on the water and she walks 1 big block to her office.  The girls are doing great and are happier than ever.  Despite the fact that the economy is a mess, gas is over $4 and we’re at a war – I lie in bed at night and have to smile.  It’s all good. 

I haven’t exercised in weeks (3 I think) and will start again once my feet are all healed up and I’m ready.  I’ve been drinking some wonderful French and Californian wines, and spending the extra time: sleeping, sailing, reading, eating, being social and most importantly being with my family and friends!  Greta even mentions that she LIKES ME!  Hopefully the change of jobs and a good off season will make The Lorpeedo even more formidable in 2009. 





Ian Charles said...

You're a good man charlie brown. Happy Birthday and stay grateful---It's nice to see people acknowledge the good things in life.

Greg Remaly said...

Happy Birthday, Loren!

I'm glad you're not another well-off-but-unhappy Marin guy - i probably wouldn't like you if you were! You've got a lot to be happy about.

Anonymous said...

Loren, what group are you joining at Microsoft? Welcome back.

Eric Dahlberg

Sarah said...

So normally I like to give you shit in my comments and just be generally sarcastic, but I agree with Greg that I like the fact that you're not a typical Tiburon guy. I enjoy the fact that you can see just how good life really is and that you don't think working 60+ hours a week is more important than being with family.

So, Loren, whatever got you to where you are today, keep on doing it. I hope it'a fantastic year for you in every way, full of new experiences and opportunities, awakenings and enlightenings.

But no more muffin stories or calf pictures this year, okay?

Happy Birthday!