Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Gosh, I’m full of nothing but goodness, I’m like the promise of Obama but without all of the politics and I’m spending my free time training or doing Hello Kitty shrinky-dinks or doing something unrelated to saving the free world – I’ll raise a few blond girls to help do that. 

I should just write about 10,003 things because none are worthy of their own post but shouldn’t be left just festering.

I love pumpkin ale. 

Buffalo Bill’s Brewery is making the best right now.  I also love pretty much anything pumpkin – which is pronounced ‘punkin’ in our home.  It leads to the question ‘what about punkin?’.  It (punkin anything) should be part of every day. 

Spinach salads and Hybrids are basically just big lies people buy to make themselves feel better. 

Take one of those massive tubs of spinach you buy at the grocery store – the big one.  Put it in a big pan with a little water and turn on the heat.  Go ahead and look, it’s like 1.5 cups – maybe 2 cups of spinach.  I used to think that eating a spinach salad was all good - ‘check me out eating so sensibly’.  Dumb, it’s nothing – I’m going back to the sandwich.  I also see so many people driving hybrids to work each day - ALONE.  I wrote about this before, but like spinach salad, just compact it and carpool in your regular car that gets 23mpg because now you just made Toyota PRODUCE MORE using thousands of gallons of oil.   And where the heck does all that acid go in the batteries when you’re done with your car?  Carpool or ride a bike. Gosh.

bio_mitt_romney_1It’s election season.

Don’t think everyone is voting for Obama when you bust out with ‘McCain is such an idiot’ or something like that at work or at a dinner thing with people who aren’t sporting a ‘I LOVE Obama’ t-shirt.  You really shouldn’t talk about this stuff at work unless you’re also prepared to talk about whether or not Jesus is your personal Lord and Savior – it’s personal and not everyone agrees.  For instance, I’m friends with the son of Mitt Romney - Matt.  I even liked him (his dad not Matt) as a candidate – but when people who don’t know this and they start slamming on him at work, I want to punch them – kerpow.  But because I’m a compassionate conservative, I’m not going to.  He has the best hair of anyone running.  So much better than Biden’s Kentucky Waterfall!  Yes, I just made fun of his hair.  That’s about as low as I can go. 

The financial crisis.

Here’s a good article that provides some good background from HBS on how the mess go to be a mess.  In short, the fault belongs to a lot of people – not just CEOs, legislators but also to the fools who put 5% down on a house financing the rest with a 10% 2nd and bet everything on a 5 year ARM.  Saving rates are at an all time low for Americans – get back to the fundamentals and don’t bite off more than you can financially chew.  I still love Gordon Gekko.

I’m a swimmer.

I joined a master’s swim team today.  It’s the same one as Soda except I’ll be swimming at 1pm x 3 times a week starting 10/13.  I’ll even swim up in Seattle with my old coach who runs a program when I’m visiting Microsoft my new future employer.  Apparently Leanda Cave is in the same master’s program along with a few other well known age group ringers – so I’ll be busy.

Post-Season Almost Over.

I stopped racing and took 4 weeks off.  I carpool with my wife and come home and drink my French wine and color with the kids, though I really just watch.  I think the blisters on my feet are almost healed up – this means I can start running, swimming and biking a bit – but without computers attached and nothing more than to get out there.  I’ll probably start next week – but will get the official word from my coach tomorrow. 

Macca, Macca, Macca

Ok, I’m a fan but no, I haven’t made out with him and I’m sure we won’t, he’s not blond and Greta is so much cuter and oh yea, he’s a guy.  He’s fast and thankfully his agent Scott likes me and is not only responsible for getting back into the sport – but he keeps me well kitted.  This week in the mail he sent me Macca’s kit shown in the picture on the left.  I also have his helmet (shown left) and now all I need is the frame (working on it) before I’m sort of psycho.  I’ve got his wheels too.  I’ve also got some of Ben Collins’ shoes and Clif Recovery in the garage along with JP’s bike case, Ian’s power bar drink mix and Soda’s hat.  So if you’re left out, stop by and I’m sure I’ll have something of yours soon.


I’ve been married almost 11 years – my anniversary is Nov 29th!  Greta is the best and she’s a fox and she’s funny and smart and probably the best mom.  She also likes me.  It’s good. 


Anonymous said...

what hat??? a Hood one???

Ben said...

Those shoes you have outran Macca head to head.

Sarah said...

Do you guys want to come wine tasting sometime? That would be fun.

Glad you finally caved and joined masters. It's awesome. And you'll become a better swimmer. Hopefully not better than me though because I still have to beat you in SOMETHING!

Anonymous said...

Loren "I heart Macca" Pokorny has some good points -

the financial crisis is the fault of not just the credit companies and the government, but also the millions of americans who live with credit and debt. fortunately i am not one of them.

hybrids epitomize "suburban environmentalism" (my term, maybe) and the Prius is the like official car of Mill Valley. makes people feel good about themselves but it's just another car, really.

Romney would probably be the best person to be in charge right now with the financial crisis.

good call joining the masters swim group.

Kelly said...

hmm, maybe ill come leave some stuff at your house, since thats what all the cool kids are doing

Anonymous said...

So that's what it's all about for you - the HAIR!

No wonder you keep blowing me off for rides.

You're prejudice against the folicley deprived.

And you call yourself a "compassionate conservative".

Anonymous said...

Yah I think all of us are so uptight about the whole political viewpoint sharing because it seems we all know the candidates personally....

What a waste of time discussing politics when we can talk about peoples hair!