Tuesday, August 12, 2008

When I Smell Pancakes it Makes Me Cough

THat’s what Sada said.  I thought it was a good title for a blog or for a band or at least the band’s song. 

I’m packing, sort of, and working and not packing my bike which I really need to do and watching olympics. 

I’m leaving around 2pm and land in Boston around 3:30am PST – but my tickets cost $20.  They won’t upgrade me over the phone – I have to do it in person which seems silly because they’re encouraging people to show up at the airport to stand around.  I usually stretch which I think weirds people out but it’s ok since I am an athlete and I might not win the ice cream cone bet I have with Tracy at Timberman.  I threatened to pants him on the run and then he threatened to DNF me if I did that, so I’ll just try and catch him in T1 because he usually takes a Sally Charles type of transition (which is about 6 to 8 minutes). 


Kelly said...

angelina jolie will be starring in a movie version of atlas shrugged.

i thought youd like to know

Loren Pokorny said...

I thought the entire time I read one of the best stories of all time that it would be a fantastic movie - a great one for Gillian Anderson to star in and directed by Peter Jackson of course.

Greg Remaly said...

why do you think the most non-sensical phrases would make good band names or titles? What's wrong with names making sense and not being completely weird?

I watched a Futurama episode last night wherein there was a joke about Ann Rynd's books. The mutants who live in the sewers said that porno mags and Ann Rynd novels were the only reading material that every came their way. I thought that was funny.

Good luck at Timberman!

Sarah said...