Monday, August 18, 2008

What a Piece of Crap

The Timberman 70.3 is done as am I. 

Here’s the short version.  I had a ton of well wishes – so thanks for the dozens of text messages I woke up to at 3:30am.

The swim was good – until I hit the water.  It wasn’t bad until I started to get into the chop and then the swells from the yahoos out riding in their boats at 7:30am.  It was just bad – swimming into the sun, foggy googles, keep em coming because it all happened.  I think I got out of the water at 45 mins or something pathetic like that.  I knew that with the hills on the bike I could make up some of it – but I threw out 7 mins in the great swim debacle of 2008.  What a piece of crap.

Below is my piece of crap race according to my Polar.  The highlights are T1 (big spike up) and when I hit 47mph on the long downhill.


I transitioned well got out onto the bike and the first bump I hit knocked my aero water bottle and it was rubbing on the tire.  I stopped to fix it since I hadn’t started riding very far but I couldn’t fix it completely – I must have take 2 mins to work on it.  I got it working enough to ride and got out on the hilliest opening 13 miles I’ve ever seen – including road racing.  It was hard but my HR was low – like Z2.  I avg’d about 18.5mph for the first 13 or so and I knew the next 15 were rolling but mostly downhill.  The next 15 were downhill and I avg. 24.5+.  A decent avg for this race was 20+mph – I figured I could go a bit over.  The ride back wasn’t too bad – but my HR would not leave Z2 – but as long as I was still putting the power down I didn’t worry about it.  It was around mile 35 where my hamstring injury from Vineman came back and I couldn’t ride in the aerobars – it would send sharp pains down my left leg – so I rode on the cowhorns or stood.  There were another few rolling hills and the climb up to the top and then some wicked descents where I was 47mph+, followed by a sharp turn at nearly every downhill end – my brand new brakes where half gone at mile 45.  The last bit was rolling and I held 22-23.5.  My avg as I recorded it was 21.5mph – but I’m sure with my 2 min stop, it was officially slower.  It was pretty much a piece of crap.

The run started slow due to my left leg hurting.  I shuffled until about the 5k mark where I started to feel blisters starting (I’m done with the Brooks racing flats I’ve got).  Since my parents and Sada were going to be there for the run final – I had to finish.  I knew that a good race was done and I went into survival mode – it was also a nearly exposed run with an 80+ degree day on my head.  The final 10k was hard.  I walked through every aid station and took water, coke, and salt tabs.  My feet were killing me but I knew with all of my runs – I could survive 45 mins.  I did.  But it was a piece of crap.  The biggest one ever.

My hr for the whole race was 158 avg.  At Vineman it was 168 and it was still low. It was just terrible. 

Aug08 051The highlight of my day and season was being able to run down the final .25 mile with Sada who was wearing my ZteaM shirt and her new Saucony sneakers.  The crowd down the finish chute was deafening and Sada held my hand and ran like a champ.  We hit the final chute and she looked at me and said “I love you daddy” and we ran.  The announcer went crazy, the crowd was yelling for her and she was beaming by the time she hit the finish line.  They took her picture, gave her the medal and a water bottle.  She asked if she won and she answered before I could say anything ‘well, they gave me the medal so I beat you’. 

With that, the destroyed feet and my hamstring injury – my 2008 season is done. 

Now I’m going to spend time with my family.  Hopefully my wife is as crazy about me as I am about her.

PS – the TImberman 70.3 was an incredible race (aside of my own).  Keith Jordan puts on an amazing race – there were 3 bands alone on the run course, more volunteers than athletes and incredibly organized.  The roads were good, transition was big and well marked and we have a towel, hat, water bottle, and t-shirt not to mention the best post-race food spread I’ve ever seen.


Courtenay said...

aw loren! i wish i had your phone # so i could send you text messages.

i am really sorry your race didn't go the way you had wanted. my one bit of advice i'd offer, which is coming from me of all people so take it with a grain of salt of course, is to toss out the HR strap and either go by feel or go by power on the bike, and just straight time on the run. we have enough to worry about during these things without looking at HR which is always impacted by external factors beyond our control.

also, i vote that you do LA. my birthday suit is awesome!!!

Greg Remaly said...

way to finish, lorpeedo. That last 1/4 mile sounded really awesome.

BUT, reading that just made me doubly glad i'm a cyclist now!

Heal up, enjoy the off-season, and make sure to visit me at my new digs in Marin!

Soda said...

well it is a good thing you finished. Didn't sound like so much fun but you managed to push through. Now relax.

JP DItty said...

The good days are only really good because of bad days that are really bad! Deep breathe!

Chris Westall said...

Sorry to hear that the race was so "crappy"... but it sounds like it was all worth it coming down the chute with Sada.

I'm looking forward to having a bottle of wine or two with you and Greta.

Sarah said...

I was thinking about you yesterday. I'm really sorry it didn't go well. But we all have those races. I'm just sorry the season ended with that one!

Enjoy the time off and next year will be here before we know it. Besides, like JP says, the great races are that much better because you've seen how bad it can really be.

Still, way to hang in there and push through. I still think you did a good job and I'm sure Greta does, too!

Rik said...

This is even more sad than the "Lorpeedo Down!" post. Sorry about the race.

The good news is that after the bad split times fade, I expect you'll still have a strong memory of "racing" your kid down the chute.

Cheers (and cheer up!).

Dalai Mama said...

I would say... your moment with sada was more important than any race. we're all proud of you loren.

Anonymous said...

Come back to the Dark Side Lu... oren.

With the dark power of the force you will never suffer at the lapping hands of the foolish swimmers, or the blistering feet of the turtled runner.

I am your father Luoren... well, okay, maybe just old enough to be your big brother.

On the Dark Side, there is a lot less crap.

Sarah said...

Also we should all have an end-of-season get together where we have good food, awesome wine and tell horror stories from the year. That would be fun.