Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Tubes and Mac and Cheese

In my great string of posts that barely have anything to do with training – he are some tasty tidbits:

  1. I forgot my belt today – so I’ve made myself an innertube belt.  In the past I’ve used rope and computer cables – but by far, the innertube belt is the best one I’ve made.  I’d go so far as to say ‘sexy’.
  2. We had a wildlife invasion lately – it’s been big jellyfish (which I found are really heavy and hard to lift out of the water with a paddle) and sea lions.  We saw a sea lion last night during dinner and Greta just reaches over and grabs a handful of macaroni and cheese off of Piper’s plate and flings it at the creature.  It turns out that they don’t eat mac n’ cheese nor do they eat bread like seagulls. 
  3. I’ve been reading Sarah’s site where she is covering Barbara Warren’s crash at the Santa Barbara Triathlon.  In the past I’ve reached out to folks badly hurt in accidents who find themselves paralyzed or badly hurt.  In Seattle a promising jr roadie named Barry Wilcox ended up paralyzed in a car accident and I spent a bit of time visiting him and his parents – since I was a former quadriplegic (of sorts) or at least paralyzed.  Visiting folks who didn’t have the same sort of luck I did (nearly 100% recovery, my left arm is about 30% weaker than my right arm – so I tend to swim not straight) wasn’t exactly fun because they got hope from me.  I try not to think about this and just send nice emails now. 
  4. I’m still going to race my final half-ironman of the season.  The trouble is that I’m pretty beat and my heart doesn’t want to do anymore.  I basically get no response from any type of effort.  Running hard uphill gets me to Z2.  This is great except for the fact that I can go for a while at that effort and then my legs simply don’t get enough blood and I have to slow down.  We’re working on a radical recovery effort so that I can make it to the start to get pasted by Ian ‘WaterBoy’ Charles and JP ‘So What If I Just Had a Baby – I’m Still Racing’ Ditty at the Big Kahuna Half Ironman on Sept 7. 
  5. One of my favorite blog writes is Chrisy Wellington – she spanked everyone at Timberman 70.3 and had a great race report – worthy of your attention.  I’m glad to know her opinion of the swim was much like mine – ok, she swims way faster.
  6. The swim kicked off at 7am. The temperature of the water miraculously plummeted from 73 to 71 degrees overnight (amazing what a bit of ice around a thermometer can do for temperature readings) and so it was a rubber legal swim. The pros had a separate start, although it needn’t have mattered because, as usual, I ended up in no-mans land, and wobbling around everywhere, taking in the sights and drifting about 10m away from all the buoys/boys. This wasn’t helped when we hit the waves. I am still rather baffled about how a (seemingly pancake flat) lake can suddenly resemble the Atlantic ocean. I was happy to come out of the water 26mins after the start, with Dede and Michael Lovato. I was greeted by a lovely stripper (of wetsuits that is) which meant that all I had to do was flop. One pull and the Blue Seventy rubber was off, which saved me from having to do my 10minute funky chicken dance in T1.

I have no idea how she sees so much on the race course though.  I see the few yards of road in front and nothing else.  Ever. Here’s her post.


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