Monday, August 4, 2008

Le Roy

Le Roy is a menacing fish.  We don’t know what he looks like but we know he’s either dumb, aggressive or just curious.  He’s also big. Lately he’s been disturbing our swim group – composed of nearly all open water swim veterans including a few doctors and Ian who insists on beating cancer as well as everyone in the group.

Now normally we’ll get a few fish who will swim at your fingertips for the length of the lagoon – about .55 to .6 miles depending upon who you follow.  They’re usually harmless and if you think real hard you can consider them friends for the duration of the swim.  Some of the folks see them and others claim to have never seen fish.  We’ve yet to see Le Roy, but he’s there.  Lurking.

Last week the two best swimmers of the group, Ian and Richard were out and Le Roy gave Richard a headbutt.  Richard is a solid guy who swims in a speedo regardless of water or air temperature.  He’s an Alcatraz and Tiburon Mile swim veteran.  He’s solid and at 60 something isn’t someone I’d mess with – mostly because he wouldn’t let me swim with him if I did.  The report from Ian is that Richard stopped swimming – which I would consider something along the lines of Moses parting the Red Sea.  You can hit Richard swimming and he’ll turn and give you a look but won’t lose a beat.  This is how I know Le Roy is big.

Le Roy also gave Ian a bump.  He then gave Dr. Dave another 2-3 bumps along his body before moving on.  A few weeks ago I thought I had hit someone’s leg during the swim until I realized it was hard and slimy and swimming beneath me. 

So now I swim praying for .5 miles one way and .5 miles back that Le Roy is sleeping or eating somewhere else.  In between Amens, I try to swim between or next to the other people who will act as blockers for me should Le Roy decide he gets tired of bumps and decides to eat one of us. 

I only hope he goes after Ian (he weighs the least of us) because he’s first and then I wouldn’t have to worry so much about going so hard just to finish within 2 minutes of him (on an easy day). 

On a different note – I did a ride with a few of the ZteaM folks: Ian, Soda and JP.  My hamstring is bothering me, so I couldn’t do all of the efforts I had been scheduled to do – but it was actually fun to spin the last 30-40 mins of a ride without focusing on trying to keep my HR in Z2 or higher!  Ian is on the right, Soda (this is her only smile of the day) is on the left and Dr. Handsome (that’s me) is in the middle in the one-size-too-big vest.  This is the Nicasio Reservoir in the background.



Greg Remaly said...

You should name the fish "Sea Bass." That way you can always say, "Kick his ass, Sea Bass!" whenever it starts bumping one of your swimming friends.

since you're standing on higher ground in the picture, you look like you're my height.

Ian said...

leRoy is big. He hit me the same day he hit Richard. Better watch out because your next Mr. Zoomer.

Soda said...

yea this picture makes me look like a full 6inches shorter than I actually am!!! wow. My wind vest is huge. Personally I still think you are making the whole fish thing up, I never see anything when I swim.

Ian said...

Oh by the way, his name is Leroy, not Le Roy--he's not french. He's a big ass bass, not a frog with an attitude.

Loren Pokorny said...

Richard named him Le Roy. Le Roi would be french and it would be 'The King' which is fitting. Leroy is not a name for a fish. You don't even have pets, just kids.

Ian Charles said...

The only difference between kids and pets is that you can't roll up a newspaper and hit them on the nose for peeing on the floor. Or can you?