Monday, August 11, 2008

Going Home

I think.  I’m not sure if you call going back to where you were raised going home or something else because my kids would say home is home, which is California, not New Hampshire.  Regardless, on Tuesday I’m going to NH, where my parents live with Sada our 5 year old.  It’s a great ‘home town’ and  a superior place to live – we had small classes (my graduating class in 8th grade had like 32 people), more forested acres than people and all of the back roads you could imagine – all settled into a town established sometime in 16XX. 

july08late 155I had pretty much a perfect childhood – the childhood was perfect, I was not.  I played little league, the clarinet (never getting beat up for it), spent summers at the beach (I think every day) and could ride a bike just about as far as I wanted to ride.  My dad worked and my mom raised 3 kids – along with my dad, dogs and cats pitching in.  I cut and stacked wood (using a wood splitter is still cool), brought coal in on –10 F January days, played hockey on a pond in the back yard and made about 3,000 tree forts.  I went to the stock car races with my dad, got ice cream on ‘dates’ with my mom, and went everywhere in a station wagon. 

If I had to give my parents any guidance on how they could have improved it I wouldn’t – except maybe more trips to Disneyworld, swim lessons, a dirt bike, and make me eat less cookies and more skim milk. 

I’ll be there a few days before I race at the Timberman 70.3 half iron on Sunday the 17th.  The race is about 53 miles from home and is near where we used to go skiing in the winter and for day trips in the summer.  We have to go register on Saturday (by we I mean me and my friend Tracy who is another guy with a girl’s name who is the first person I met in Seattle when I moved there but now he lives in Boston and for some dumb reason he’s agreed to do this race with no training yet he’ll still give me a run for my money… phew)  with a mandatory pre-race meeting at 3:30 on Sat as well as registration and bike racking.  The race starts Sunday at 7am with 13 waves.  This will be fun because it’s a 2 lap bike, 2 lap run – all with 13 waves going and I can only hope our wave goes 1st off behind the pros. 

When I’m ‘home’, I can hopefully squeeze in some quick hellos to friends (Jason, Art, Amy and Jeff) as well as visit with my sisters, parents, nana, training and a bunch of day trips to the best spots for a 5 year old: beach, lake, pool and anything else that involves water. 

I’m looking forward to riding and running on the roads I started running and riding on back in 1989.  


tks said...

damn! i've been practicing counter-clockwise swim turns around the buoys and they're clockwise turns! i'm hosed!

Ben said...

Have fun! Safe travels!

Chris Westall said...

Have a great time... Have fun in the race (positive thoughts!)

And don't forget to get a Lobsta roll.