Friday, August 8, 2008

Don’t Do This At Home


Yesterday, like every other day I ate breakfast.  It was so good I had 2 bowls. 

I had Kashi Go Lean. 

It’s got all of the good stuff: Protein, Carbs and Fiber. 

Lots of Fiber. 

They aren’t kidding.  40% of your daily fiber needs in 1 serving. 

When you have 2 of them I don’t think that equals 80% of your daily fiber it’s like 640% of your lifetime fiber. 

It made for a long workday.  I don’t think I lost any friends. 

It made for what I would have called a test of endurance: a 1 hour massage in a small room at the end of a very long workday.

It was fine when my shoulders and back were getting worked on.  It was fine when my arms and calves were getting worked on.  It was really tough to not kill the poor woman when she took my foot and shoved it to my nose with her full weight stretching out my hamstring (think breech birth and me on a table covered in a sheet, sweating, trying to to kill the poor masseuse in this small, unventilated room). 

I got through being re-born as well as Nazila’s attempt to make me cry by putting her thumbs actually through my IT band and her entire body weight balanced in the tippity tip top of her razor sharp elbows – complete with skipping massage music (think pan flute and ocean sounds meet sir mix a lot…. swooosh swooosh goes the ocean followed by toot toot tooooooot on the pan flute and then a bing bing bing bing bing bing bing swoosh shoosh).  I thought it was over, the end was near and then SHE STARTS PUSHING ON MY STOMACH. 

There were tears, there was strain but I did not even let a squeaker out.  We survived. I will never eat Kashi multi-bowl feasts again.  40% of my daily fiber in 3 minutes is plenty for me. 

Thank you for reading.

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Soda said...

I was totally addicted to this stuff like 2 years ago, before the stomach problems, maybe it helped cause them, but I agree, it is yummy.