Sunday, August 31, 2008

Bon Journee

DSC02028What a good day or even week it’s been!  Between the college cheerleaders football and the perfect weather (80 and sunny) – things are good.  Today started off with a horrible swim with Ian where I somehow managed to swim into the side of the lagoon twice (it’s at least 100M wide or more) and at times considered just flipping over and hope that the wind would blow me faster than I was going.  We were not bothered by Le Roy (though I’ve decided to re-name this menacing super fish to T’Sean’taye) so it wasn’t all that bad. 

After we swam – we went out with our kids Taylor (Ian’s son) and Sada to take Ian’s boat to the marina around the corner from us.  This was Sada’s first time on a sail boat and she was a strong little sailor – more comfortable than anywhere else I’ve seen her.  Taylor pointed out all sorts of neat things to Sada and she found at least 10 whales. 

It was a short sail – but a good one.  I look forward to more time on the water with Ian and our families – it’s a great time and is a good sport to be a part of. 

Did I mention I was looking forward to the off season?  I write this post as I sip an 06 Estate Chardonnay from Nicholson Ranch

Life is good.

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