Friday, August 8, 2008

All The Small Things

I’ve got so much to cover and only a 20 min ferry ride each day in which to write this – not to mention my blog competes with Ayn’s Fountainhead (yes, with Roark and Dominique) and the occasional friend or person who isn’t afraid to chat with the guy in spandex (there are at least 30 men sitting around me in suits and ties). 

I’ve had so many new products to try lately – mostly from meeting companies who are at triathlons handing out samples.  I love to chat with these folks and a few of them that are good products developed by good people have now got relationships with me or my friends.

Beyond FabricationsBeyond Fabrications is a bike company out of Mountain View, CA – run by Jim Klemmens.  It’s a one guy shop – but you can find him at any race in California with his tent and bikes.  You can’t get better service out of a company.  I emailed him on Friday night “bring me a hydrotail, please” and on Saturday afternoon at Vineman 70.3 he hands it to me.  He also sponsors Ben (who crashed and wrecked his Beyond frame – only to get the latest frame as a replacement in about 48 hours) and Brian Fleishmann.  We met Jim and Beyond at the 2007 Vineman 70.3 race that we went up to watch.  Coincidentally, I saw a girl there who was wearing a VAC bike kit – the same team my friend Katie rides for – and I said hi.  This same girl turns out to be Courtenay.  She was there supporting this tall guy (who is in a tie with Matt Reed as the tallest professional triathlete in the world at 7’32”, ok 6’5”) named Greg Remaly

neuro1As I’ve mentioned before, at the San Jose Triathlon I met the folks who make the Nutrition 53 products: Lean 1 (I’ve dropped 7lbs in 2 months with this stuff), Sleep 1 (best night’s sleep ever without feeling bad in the morning) and Neuro1: the new pre-race or hard workout drink for myself, Ben and Courtenay.  These  guys sent me a ton of product to give to folks to try and they keep sending it.  Courtenay has dropped 2lbs with it and Ben has written some great things as well.  I’ve honestly never tried products that work as well as these do.  I haven’t been able to drop any weight for a long time and Lean 1 really did the job.  My nanny Erika saw it and wanted to know more – I’ve been giving her some and she’s dropped 9lbs and is using the caffeine free version of Neuro1 before her evening workouts at the gym – followed by Sleep1.  I didn’t tell her what these were for – only when to take them and she loves them.  It’s good to have a nanny who is well rested, getting fit and happy! 

Right now they’ve got some good promotions with Free 15 or 30 day supplies as well as 50% off deals. Use the code “Triathlete” and you’ll get 50% off your first purchase.

ALCiS - The Science of ReliefAnother company who many in the Bay Area have seen is ALCiS.  They make a pain relief cream that you’d put on your sore spots after a race or workout.  They sponsor a team that beats the snot out of everyone in this area and you can get free samples at a bunch of races here: UVAS, San Jose, Folsom and Vineman.  I’ve tried the little samples and thought it was a bit hokey.  Then I got a hold of a few samples – allowing me to try it for a few days. I’m pretty skeptical about anything that isn’t illegal without a prescription.  At the Vineman pre-race expo I got a few tubes and samples to hand out to folks hoping they’d try it and blog about their findings (Sarah?).  After Vineman I ran into booth only 40 meters from the finish line where they said to sit down and they tossed me a tube to put on my legs.  At that point hitting me with an axe would have been welcomed but it was less messy to use the cream.  I definitely felt the difference.  I used it every day since Vineman and now Greta is using it – she says it smells good, not to mention that it works.  I’ve also heard and found out that it’s the best stuff to use on your arms and lower legs to get a wetsuit off.  Chrissie (yes, that one) wrote in her recent blog about struggling to get her wetsuit off – so I pinged my friend Scott and told him I’d send her a tube to try (not to mention the real benefit of the pain relief).  Turns out he had been on e-mail with her only minutes before my note.  She’s also racing Timberman 70.3 next weekend, so I’ll just hook up with her there and share the love.  If you see me, ask and I’ll give you some samples, at worst – here’s a coupon you can use at just about every drugstore in the US.

I’d write more about Base Performance but I’ve done that time and time again.  I’m hooked on Base Amino and won’t be ever training or racing without it.  A funny story about Base Water:  a blog reader has a wife who is pregnant and she’s struggling to drink as much water as she should.  He asked if Base Water would help with her hydration – so I sent a note to Chris Lieto, who wrote back within minutes that his wife (who is also pregnant) uses it to stay on top of her hydration too (basically it allows your body to absorb the water better – so you don’t have to drink as much to stay fully hydrated).  So once again, these products intended for athletes find additional users around house! 

So there is the tale of some great new products I’ve been using and have been overwhelmed by the results and people associated with these companies.  They’re out supporting triathlon at the grass roots level and support triathletes and teams all over. 

BTW – the Triplets of Belleville is a great movie – for kids (my girls LOVE it) and adults.  Netflix it.


Soda said...

that is what I need to be doing ALCiS cream, when are the many samples coming in???

That movie is just plain weird!!!!! I think I was more memorized by it then enjoying it. It confused me, maybe it just confuses people enough to have them wonder why they are watching it.

Kelly said...

alright, a month FREE is aprice i can get behind. i'm trying it, i'm trying it

Sarah said...

I'm behind on blogs.

Do you think the neuro stuff has a weird aftertaste? I had this odd kind of bitter taste that wouldn't really go away until I washed it down with more water or milk.

i LOVED Triplets of Belleville. I loved everything about it. Good call.

Speaking of French things, I got Matt "In the Merde for Love." He's enjoying it.

oh and I met a few ZTeamers at the Marin Century. I said "do you know Loren?" and they were like "the tri guy?" and I said 'yeah, the tri guy!'