Monday, July 21, 2008

Vineman 70.3 Race Report (and dolphin picture)

It should have been the Vineman 65.3 race report – I would have had a better race.  Timberman 70.3 is in 26 days, I’ll improve there.  I have to.

Here’s how I did vs. Oceanside 70.3 and my goals

41:26 – goal, 38. actual: 39:26 – there’s another 2 mins still in me this season, Timberman goal: 37-38

2:46:29, goal 2:30, actual: 2:33, there’s another 5 mins, Timberman goal <2:27

1:43:49, goal <1:40, actual: 1:39, there’s another 5-7 mins, Timberman goal: <1:35

5:17:34, goal ?, actual 4:56

I was 38th in my division, at Oceanside I was 89th.  I gained 18 positions with my transitions overall and 5 in my age group.  Avg for the T1 was 4:45 (I was 2:14) and avg for T2 was 4:27 (I was 2:24 AND I put on socks). 

See Bay Area Tri for more awesome details.



Let’s start off with the excuses:

  • I crashed on Wednesday – I must have whacked my head really good because on Thursday I had a headache all day, I was nauseated and I had a hard time putting thoughts together.  By Friday AM, I couldn’t even hold a conversation.  It hurt to think.  Oh, and I got all bruised and hurt.
  • I slept on the floor Sat night and probably slept 30 mins.  I just couldn’t get to sleep, so I stayed in my ‘restful’ place as much as possible.

Not great excuses and I don’t think they really mattered much, though I’m hopeful the crash did matter and that in <4 weeks at Timberman 70.3 I’ll do better.

The swim was fine – it was 71 degrees, but I think that was Celsius. It was hot.  Luckily 3 times I was swimming along and could touch the bottom with my hand, I looked up and about a dozen or so guys were just running, so I ran.  It felt good to swim and run – but later I found out when you run in a river on rocks you can bruise your feet. 

clip_image001I had a great T1, passing about 10 guys who jog to their bikes as well as the 4 guys sitting on the carpet stripping their wetsuits.  For the first time in a race I used Alcis – it’s a pain relief cream often handed out at races around here.  It is THE best for getting your suit off.  I had the arms off easily and the legs I got doing the Ben Collins dance – which is sort of a step pull, step pull and the legs are off.  It’s about 3-5 seconds.   Because we had to have our stuff sent over to T2, you had to actually pack up all of your stuff in a labeled bag that they’d bring to T2, about 15 miles away. 

I passed another 5-6 guys on the run out and leapt onto my steed.  I rode pretty easy getting settled in for the first 10 miles.  The course was nice – I don’t look around much but noticed some vineyards but mostly hills and crappy pavement.  At times I couldn’t see – I was just rattling along hoping for a little magic carpet tarmac.  The hill was not really a hill, there were lots of hills but ‘the big one’ was about 2 mins long.  My hamstring kept sending down these awful waves of pain down my leg into my knee and calf.  A few times I just had to coast and stretch, I probably did that 5-6 times.  I held a pretty decent 22mph pace, at one point around 22.3 but that dropped to about 22.0 by the time I got to the end.  I was passed by 2 guys around mile 48.  I got into T2 and saw about a dozen bikes at most, maybe less.  Maybe I missed a few racks.  I was 22mph at the end. 

The run started great – I went out with the guys who was 3rd on the swim and we ran perfect <7 min miles together until I had to make a quick pee stop at mile 6.  This is when the flat with 2 hill run (WHICH IS A HUGE LIE) got the better of me.  I ended with 7:33 miles, which is 22 secs faster than my run at Oceanside.  So I did improve.

More tomorrow…


Rik said...

Damn: you beat me in transitions by 4 seconds! I was at 2:19 for T1 ( 4 seconds behind) and 2:24 for T2 (tie - and I also put on socks).

I can only presume that the second installment of your race report will state that the swim gods took revenge on you during the run in punishment for running part of the swim course.

I'm not sure what I did, but somebody or something was sending some lightning bolt-magnitude cramping my way on the run. I was trying to avoid bending my knees in the last two miles lest one of my legs seized up permanently.

And, yeah, that is not a flat run course.

Good job out there!


Soda said...

you should take a picture of the bags they gave out and post that. Fits right in with your theme.

Loren Pokorny said...

Rik doesn't mention that he rode like a 2:24. Ouch.

Yes, I got massively bruised feet as a result of running in the river. I wasn't like the only guy doing it. I did punch a guy who wouldn't stop hitting me in the head. I kept moving over and he kept hitting me.

This was not the first swim where I have had the opportunity to run, but based on my feet it will likely be the last.

Sarah said...

You make it sound like you had a miserable time and aren't happy with your results.

Anyway, I think you did a great job. So you still get a gold star.

So you don't think the run is mostly flat, huh? I guess...even after doing it 3 times now...I still don't think it's that hilly. Really...2 hills and like, 3 small rollers. Over 13 me = mostly flat.

Did you hear about the fight that broke out in the last wave? Two guys got out of the water and started hitting each other!!

And I took a picture of the bag for you - I was going to post it to my blog for you. It was crazy that it was totally your kind of dolphin pic!

Are you sore?


Rik said...

Sarah: you're wrong - it IS hilly! Of course, I live in the Central Valley - a curb is a hill to me.

I think that fight after the swim leg is captured for posterity on the Press Democrat photo gallery (in which you make a rather prominant appearance). See photo #5: Vineman 70.3 Gallery