Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Taper

It’s been about 2 years since I’ve been doing this multi-sport thing.  I’m down about 70lbs and I can almost run fast enough to elude Tom Cruise or whomever might be chasing me through the downtown Tiburon street (that’s right, street).  It’s also about time that I’ve learned to trust my Garmin GPS (I swore the lady didn’t know where she was taking me –then I find when you put in the RIGHT address, you’ll get there, when you put in the wrong one, you’ll be taken to the wrong place).  I’ve also learned to trust my coach, the guy I pay who has the master’s degree and a few years pro triathlete experience and something to do with NCAA swimming.  I used to think, ‘he’s crazy, I can’t to do that’ or ‘that won’t give me enough speed for where I need to be in 3 months’.  I don’t.  It works and if you actually use a coach like they should be used, it’s a great asset –probably greater than a power meter, or a $6,000 bike or a $800 disc wheel.  With a coach you have a greater chance of staying healthy, not over-training and actually achieving your goals! 


It’s now that it makes sense.  I was like – what an easy 2 weeks before Vineman, I need to be sharp and maybe do a few more efforts – but I didn’t.  I did what was on my schedule and the past few days were GLORIOUS.  I’ve been climbing like never before, on Saturday I stopped during a group ride – waited for Soda to get her chain back on, ride up a bit to the group, stop for a nature break and still catch the group within 2 miles – even when they were so far up the road I could barely see them.  My running has been as if I’ve got a tailwind everywhere.  I can do strides for days (though I’m just doing 6-8 of them) and this morning’s run felt as if my feet never hit the pavement. 

I’m psyched for Vineman.  My wave is the 2nd wave of the day and I feel great – even got a nice course recon from a former pro who has won the race.  I’m going to get my taxes and audits (yes, there are 3 due to the IRS and Solomon Smith Barney’s inability to get my stock option costs right) done, the girls head out on Friday to Seattle for Greta’s sister’s wedding and then Ian and I head up to Healdsburg for the race and registration on Saturday AM.  All of the stress will be gone by the end of the week, the kids will be sleeping soundly with Grandma and I’ve got nothing to do but pack, feed the cats and race. 

My coach has put me in crush it mode for the race and I’m excited to get going.  I will crush it.  I am fast and I am the Lorpeedo. 


Chris Westall said...

Rock the MF'n House! Good Luck buddy... I'll be there rooting for you and all the other zTeamers.

Sorry to say I won't be able to root from the water like our last race :-)

Kelly said...


Anonymous said...

yay, another weird dolphin picture!

glad you're feeling good.

Anonymous said...

you know how the girls think some movies are scary? well i think your dolphin pictures are CREEPY!!

Courtenay said...

groan, another tacky dolphin image.

have a great race! i promise to heckle you nicely on sunday!

Sarah said...

You must've read my post on affirmations. I like it!!

GO LORPEEDO!! Maybe I'll see you on your way back from the run...maybe...SINCE YOU START A FREAKING HOUR AND A HALF BEFORE ME!

Anyway, great job training, dude. Looking forward to seeing how it goes for ya!

Rik said...

I'm starting in the second-to-last wave (M40-41 @ 8:22am), so with your 1:44 headstart you better not still be on the course when I start my run! Best of luck out there to all! Sarah: I'll try to remember to say hi if I pass you on the bike.