Monday, July 7, 2008

Stupid, but I Feel Compelled

10 Years ago I was:

I’m older than you, unless of course your name is Ian ‘Huggy Bear’ Charles, in which case I’m much younger and less like a Yeti. 

Ok, 10 years ago I was… married and designing charting software for Microsoft.  I was also making a killing (like killing a mouse) in the market and day trading.  I had bought companies like AMZN and DELL when they went public and of course Greta has some great stock options from her time at MSFT.  We spent most of it on a new BMW and a house.  It was fun and good and we had the best cat in the world named Scully – named after the FBI mystery solver on X-Files.  I was racing bikes for Raleigh, or Mongoose (I’ve got the jerseys and a top 10 place I think in the WA state RR championship). 

Below is a chart of MSFT, DELL, and AMZN if you had bought $2,000 in each stock on Jan 1, 1997 and held it to July 7, 1998.  Amazon would have made you $26,000.  Dell would have put $13,000 in your bank account and MSFT would have performed poorly and only doubled your money in 18 months.  Life was good.  $6,000 would have made you $43,100.  If you kept it for 10 years, it would now be worth $12,100. 


5 years ago I was:

Trying not to drop our baby Sada.  She was 2 weeks old and not even 6lbs.  Who cares about bike riding when you’ve got a baby.  I took 3 months off of work and put in a slate tiling all over the place.  At least I think I did.  Still married.  Got another cat, Fellini (watch Breaking Away and the kid calls his cat Fellini, the dad says ‘the damn' cat’s name is jake’).  Fellini is about as useful as a goldfish, except less useful.  She loves us when she’s hungry or if it’s cold out.  Still working for MSFT, but I was an analyst. 

1 year ago I was:

Living in California with 2 girls, 1 wife (same great one) and working for a new company.  I never thought I’d live here or ever leave MSFT.  I think I had just finished a few triathlons at this point least year – I found out they go faster here than they do in WA.  We had found a school for Sada (Ring Mountain Day school) and super nanny Erika.  Finding a good nanny in Marin is like finding a home in Tuscany.  I had this kid I met a few months earlier who had just moved to Seattle (where I met him) come visit and train with me, he was some hot shot amateur kid who had done like 6 triathlons – I said I’d help him get some sponsors.  I figured after getting pasted by Ian all over the place I should bring in a ringer to lay some smack on Huggy Bear.  I’m still an analyst.

Things on my To-Do-list:

  1. My 2005 taxes
  2. My 2007 taxes
  3. Make dinner
  4. Miss Greta (she’s traveling to Chicago and Dallas, after being in Seattle last week)
  5. Raise kids

Five Snacks I enjoy:

  1. PB&J
  2. Pizza (it’s a snack)
  3. Coffee
  4. Protein Shakes (Lean1 from Nutrtion53 of course)
  5. Wine, red preferably and none of those of a sissy grapes (BOO-ZHO-LAY or perhaps a light GAM-MAY, ick)


Kelly said...

don't lie. you were super excited to do this.

Loren Pokorny said...

Sort of but not really. I had too much to put in so - it's 2 posts. The chart was really a spontaneous thing though. Who said nerds can't party. Lamda Lamda Lamda!

Courtenay said...

you skipped like 12 categories AND you have had a week to plan your blog so i am not buying your comment response to kelly.

ps when's girls' training camp at chez lorpeedo?!!? we smell better than the boys and are cuter!

Greg Remaly said...

this is incomplete. you're leaving out at least three lists of things. i feel cheated.

Soda said...

I've already begun the training camp, well at least I am staying there this week. I'll be house sitting for loren in 2 weeks. we can TAKE OVER.

Sarah said...


p.s. I agree with Courtenay that this is all incomplete and shame on you.

Dalai Mama said...

you need to go to the Martini winery in St. Helena. They have the oldest merlot grapes in the US.
Michael and Jackie Martini are the owners and wonderful family friends, and for a special bottle visit the Anderson's Conn Valley Vineyards. Tell them Kim Walker sent you!