Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Stupid, but I Feel Compelled Part III (this is for the haters)

Final post of the series, which basically too so long because I put more thought into than everyone else.

Five People I'd Want to have lunch with – with a twist:

  1. Greta, a cafe just about anywhere in Paris.  It would be like 2-3 hours long and she’d tell me to slow down. 
  2. Jesus, but like when he was post-grad, like 25 or so.  I’m sure he was really stressed out after he turned 30 or so.  Probably over pizza and a pitcher of hard cider. 
  3. Sada, she’d enjoy eating in Paris too.
  4. Piper, she’d have fun eating just about anywhere, so I’d pick our favorite place here, Waypoint Pizza in Tiburon.
  5. Greta, somewhere where we have a gift certificate or to a seaside cafe in Normandy, October. 

This was a place in Brussels, Belgium.  I had Moules Frites. 


Five Places I've lived:

  1. Seattle/Redmond WA
  2. Greenland, NH
  3. Tampa, FL
  4. Nederland, CO
  5. Tiburon, CA

Piper pondering her S’mores on July 4.  Ben and Soda are standing behind her.

July08early 185

Five jobs I've had:

  1. Analyst, Microsoft
  2. Program Manager, Microsoft
  3. Assistant Manager, Performance Bike Shop
  4. Assistant Manager, Timberland
  5. Ice Cream Scooper, Lago’s Lone Oak

This is one of the many pictures Sada has taken, not bad since she was 4. 

Mid June 08 048

If you’ve got a keen eye, you’ll notice that these are Desiree Ficker’s muffins.  Sada took this too. 

Mid June 08 047


Greg Remaly said...

I guess I am one of the haters, right?

well, anyway, this post was boring. Using Greta TWICE, your daughters separately, and JESUS (what a cliche!) as your lunch-mates?!?!?

The only thing that slightly redeemed this post is the fact that you were an ice cream scooper. you still are, actually. Doesn't Piper and Sada get cups of ice cream every night?

Also, I can't get enough of that dolphin and pictures of Desire(e)'s muffins.

Loren Pokorny said...

The big crime here is that Soda has NEVER seen the Karate Kid. I've got more dolphin pictures.

Courtenay said...
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Sarah said...



omg. That is like...the BEST MOVIE EVER. What a crime! I think we may have to rent it on our girls' weekend...but then Courtenay would probably not approve. Hmm.

Anyway, I'm a hater too and you also recycled that picture from France. I'm sure you took a gazillion photos there - did you have to use the same one?

By the way, Sada is going to be a great photographer - that onions picture is really awesome, actually.

I'd rather have you post her pictures than dolphin drawings. Ugh.

Courtenay said...

I'm with Greg on Jesus, but more because I don't really want to meet him than because I think he's a cliche. I just think he'd be like any other politician, or probably like the guy who founded Mormonism. Charismatic and impressive, yes, but also flawed and very self-important. I'd just get really frustrated and unattractively red in the face. No thanks. I'll stick with Eddie Vedder, at least I know he can sing in case if conversation starts to sag.

I scooped ice cream too when I worked at a deli in Galesville, MD. That is a hard job. I swear kids would pick the frozenest-looking flavours and ask for 3 scoops.

And I haven't seen the Karate Kid either. All I know is there is some reference to Grasshoppers or something?

Greg Remaly said...

No, Court only disapproves of "The Karate Kid" because I am the one trying to get her to like it (and a bunch of other great movies).

I think she'll like it if she watches it with you.

I forgot to mention that despite all of Loren's talk about muffins leading up to my stay, I didn't see a single muffin the whole time I was there. That's how he does it: he lures you there with talk of delicious muffins and then you get there and there's little girls running around screaming and naked, and Karate Kid is played on an endless repeating loop.

Soda said...

no Sarah we can watch it when I come over for vineman, but I think by that time I will have seen it, most likely.

Loren Pokorny said...

I'm guessing that if you could have pizza with Jesus he'd probably have some good advice. At worst, you could ask some questions like - should I move to Santa Monica or will we be better off in Santa Barbara OR should I try the lottery for Kona OR what's the safest car I should be in? I'd also ask a lot of clarifying questions - like, where is the ark (i'm guessing he knows)? where are the wmd's and is global warming reversable? Stuff like that.

OLd people always wanted the hard ice cream like 2 scoops of Grape Nut ice cream which is in the back freezer because only old people order it and they want it on a sugar cone which doesn't work well with hard ice cream.

Greg should have vetted this stuff prior to dating but it's possible you bring other qualities to the table.

Soda said...

oh and about muffins there is a tray full and a pan of banana bread sitting on the stove, they have been there since sunday, ben is gone so loren is flying solo to eat them all, I of course wish i could partake.