Thursday, July 31, 2008

Sort of Princess-ey

So with 2 girls pretty much everything in our house is only separated from a princess in maybe one degree (2 at most).  I mean, I even call a certain friend who happens to be a triathlete ‘Princess’.  So this is sort of a princessey thing.  I’m posting it because I found it on an advertising blog and because I know mostly women, men with girls names (this means you Chris, Chris and Tracy), men who admit to watching Mama Mia and LOVING it and sensitive fellas read this blog.  The rest just shave their legs and pretend their tough but you’re not that tough I think if you shave your legs – mean yes (Ian) but not tough.  Have yourself a good cry.  Tomorrow I’ll write about pain and training and boobies.


Kelly said...

pshaw this is old. also so goood.

Greg Remaly said...

recent blog posts and masculinity, let's tally things up:

Greg: 1) race report on a bike race he won. 2) movie review on badass sci-fi movie with lots of guns and fighting and bad guys

Loren: 1) this post 2) two consecutive posts on BABIES' NAMES.

Umm, I win. You do have some serious catching up to do.

Loren Pokorny said...

1) because I post on babies names and because I've got 2 kids, I'm super responsible and I can change diapers. This makes me incredibly masculine. You just have to wash your bike.
2) I also mentioned horse racing which is masculine and should equal a movie write up. I also mentioned Tour de France stage winners which crush just about everything. Even movies with lasers, rebels and continuous spin kicks.
3) I've got a girl's name but yet I still get through each day and crush it. This makes me the moral equivalent of GI Joe.

I win. I win. I win. Don't make me ask Courtenay to judge.

Courtenay said...

you forgot to bring ben collins dot org into this competition, since we are all still reeling from his mama mia blog he needs to be included here so we can put him in worst place.

also greg doesn't wash stuff. so he and loren the princess are tied for second-worst place.

therefore, um, let's see, i declare KELLY the winner. since she blogged about sharks, and she blogged about greg's beijing issues two days ago, and she knows how to wash stuff (i assume she does anyway).

Sarah said...

I DON'T CARE WHOSE POSTS ARE MORE MANLY. This almost brought tears to my eyes and that is SO hard to do.


Wait. Let's tally how many comments I've left on Loren & Greg's blogs that said "Awwww" - whoever has the least - is more manly.

Soda said...

at first i thought he wasn't going to sing but just stand there.

Loren forgot to mention he uses a pink razor, cause Greta steals his!

Dalai Mama said...

Super responsible and Loren...