Thursday, July 3, 2008

Slow Moving…

I am trying to read – thanks to Sarah’s recommendation – I’m stuck reading all three of Stephen Clark’s hilarious ‘Merde’ series.   All are worthy summer reads and each take about a week of 20 mins a day. 

Since I’m reading, I’m not writing and I’m barely able to catch up with everyone else’s writing!  There are like 300 posts sitting in my RSS reader that I’m trying to get to. 

benwatch I know Ben is here in Tiburon, but I haven’t seen him.  Probably because he’s rollin’ fat behind the wheel of a minivan taking kids to their various activities.  He’ll know more about parenting and raising kids than any guy on the planet before he turns 30.  A sure catch that boy will be as soon as he takes off his Casio and stops living out of a Kswiss transition bag!

Sada had her first crash!  She is riding pretty fast now and got distracted, swerved right into the curb.  She smacked her head right on the curb but I saw the whole thing and without a helmet we would have been at a hospital, but instead we just had a few tears.  She also crashed in front of Robin Williams – our famous and rarely seen neighbor.  He was sweet about it as any dad hates to see kids beef it.  I’m still keen on getting her onto the track as a pursuit rider for 2016.  She felt better knowing that Peter Pan (from Hook) wanted to know how she was. 

I’m also finishing out my last big week of training for the season – this week has been looming on my training calendar for some time now and I’m finally here.  I finished my last dose of antibiotics (thanks Mr. Giardia) but have never felt stronger on the bike, swim and run!  I’ve had a 1.5 hour run with a bunch of tempo, 12, 20, and 30 min Z3 intervals on the bike, what felt like dozens of 5 min Z4 intervals (bike) and last night, 2 dozen 40 second all out efforts followed by 20 seconds Z1 (after the first 3-4 all out efforts, a 15 min spin would have been appreciated!) (bike).  Over the next few days I’ve got 4x3 min hill sprints + 1 hour run, a 1 hour run with 40 mins at 6:40 pace and the big papa of the year, a 3.5 hour ride, Z3 w/ 15 x 3 mins at Z4 PLUS an hour run at Z3 or 6:55 pace.  There’s a few swims in there too on either side of all of this both with Ian spanking me from one end of the lagoon to the other.

The magic is that I can get most of it done before 8am (the long ride will be tougher to fit in that early). 

Next week I begin to let up and taper for Vineman 70.3.  I think there is 10-12 hours next week on the schedule. 

Greta is out of town for two pitches (she’s an advertising queen) and it’s up to me, our nanny Erika and Soda  to keep the mini-peedos in line. 


Kelly said...

aww, first crashes suck. but having peter pan there definitely helps!

Soda said...

Ben is also busy suckering me into doing hot and sweaty yoga classes in mill valley.

did Robin Williams make any funny jokes to make Sada laugh?

Soda said...

oh and ben no longer wears the silly casio, he is now proudly sporting the garmin 405.