Monday, July 28, 2008

A Quickie…

I usually get a bunch of mean e-mails if I don’t post regularly – so you have to forgive me for taking a few days off.  Normally this would be a vacation but mix in a wedding and sales folks who call regardless of your office status keep it pretty much like a work week but just in a different place. 

I was in Seattle where it was cloudy but slightly warmer than Tiburon.  Since I’m only a few days out from finishing Vineman 70.3, it was a light week.  I got into my old pool with my old coach and did a master’s swim workout.  I tried to start off in the slow lane but he wouldn’t let me stay there.  I had to swim in lane 3 of 4 but got relegated to lane 2 after we finished 1/2 of the workouts (I’m hoping it was because lane 2 had 2 people and lane 3 had 4).  I also got in a few runs which were 45-60 mins all pretty ez.

Since I don’t have anything specific to write about – I’ll cover lots of stuff.

sarah's_wedding 103At the wedding I found more blog readers.  They (Kris and Jeremy) knew about my crash before even seeing me – then I got to hear a great little story about how Jeremy tried to impress his wife at a local track.  Somehow (likely black magic), Jeremy ended up crashing (while running) and ended up dropping some skin and pretty much all of the ‘impressiveness’ he had build up over the course of a few years.  Beefing it in front of one’s wife or girlfriend is probably right down there with letting a big one go in a quiet office. 

Sada and Piper were flower girls at least in position.  As soon as Piper got to the door –she panicked and yelled ‘I want my mommy’.  Sada held firm and dropped rose petals where she was supposed to.  They were both the life of the party and literally out danced nearly everyone by 11:15pm.  They’re both clearly endurance athletes at heart.

At one point during the trip Sada got mad at me and when kids get mad, they sometimes lash out.  They lash out in sort of funny ways – thinking of the worst things they can say.  The three worst things I’ve ever heard are:

  • I’m canceling your birthday! (which is of course, the single worst thing anyone could have happen to them)
  • I’m going to cut your wheel off! (which is only bad if you’re riding later or happen to be on the bike)
  • You’re not in my heart anymore! (this is what we believe to be her ‘digging real deep’ lash-out – where she goes all out in an effort to wound us deep, she usually follows with ‘Shoes is in my heart’ – Shoes is the cat with IBD who isn’t allowed in house because of her uncontrollable pooping, so in effect this puts us behind Shoes which is pretty low)

Then about 2 mins later everything is usually fine.  It’s then when she says funny stuff like what I heard yesterday on the plane or at the airport:

“Mama, what’s cleavage?'”

“Where did Cinderella go on her honeymoon?”

“Can we press the lunch button?” (that’s the stewardess call button on the plane)

With air travel there is always something fun.  I bought my ticket for 7:30pm – Greta had booked her ticket with the girls a while ago.  We got to the airport, found the girls reservations and found that I was close but had booked my flight for 7:30am.  Luckily I got on the plane and next to 2 people who were so pleased at how smart and clever they were.  I wanted to point out to the guy that if he was so clever and smart then why was his girlfriend wearing jeans that even the late 90’s aren’t calling back for and why would she call attention to her massive ankles and size 11 feet with her SHORT BLACK SOCKS AND TAN SUEDE HIKING SHOES?  There are more fashion crimes in Seattle than nearly anywhere else in the US. 

I leave in 15 days for the Timberman 70.3 race. I’ve heard it’s not flat and not fast and hot.  Luckily I’m racing for ice cream. 


tks said...

yes, it's hot. the air is thick enough to swim the run.
and this guy would beat you:

Anonymous said...

WOW way too cute... makes me sick. Sada's a little camera hog. I can totally see piper freezing and sada keeping up appearances. Hope the rest of the wedding was fun.

Chris Westall said...

I want to know the answers given to the first two questions they asked.

Dalai Mama said...

funny... this morning Scout told me he wasn't getting me a birthday present and I wasn't invited to his party.