Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Poopie Nubu

Sada lashed out today at me and called me a ‘Poopie Nubu’.  I’m not sure if I was supposed to feel bad, so I didn’t.  I also did a triathlon today – swam 1.1 miles (or so) with Ian this morning, then ran 10k home and then hopped on my bike and did 40k home from work.  On the ride home I got to ‘go how I felt’, since I felt good I did some efforts and tried to ride in a pace line but kept dropping the group.  They know how I feel riding with Ben. But really guys, who rides 17mph on the flats? 

There’s been a ton of feedback about names.  So rather than write a post about baby names, I’ll just write about stuff I consider when coming up with a name:

  1. Did they win a stage of the tour?  There are lots of great names there – i.e. Fausto, Thor, Stuart, Pedro, Miguel, Hugo or Louison
  2. Did I date someone with that name?  If yes, then no.  Name is out. 
  3. Does that name rhyme with any of the following ‘poop, butt, gay, stupid, french fries, diarrhea or chris’ – if so, out.
  4. Has anyone in history with that name done bad things – i.e. Adolph, Lizzie, John Wilkes, Charlie, Keanu, or Madonna – if so, out.
  5. Has anyone in history with that name done good things – i.e. Jesus, Moses, Mohandas Karamchand, Lance, Napoleon (Dynamite) or Bono. – if so, out (too obvious)
  6. Is it confusing – i.e. Loren, Chris, Pat, or Courtney (or Courtenay), or Huggy Bear.  – if so, out.
  7. Did we have a pet with that name – i.e. Rufus, Shoes, Fellini, Scully, Chinkers, Bubba, Lucy or Turk Turk Babe (Greta’s cat not mine). – if so, we’d be retarded.
  8. Do we already have a kid with that name – i.e. Sada or Piper. – if so, out (mildly confusing).
  9. Is there a llama named the same name – i.e. Tina. – if so, no.

So there are some ideas.  I also like horse names or at leas how they come up with those – so on today’s ride into work – I gave it some though.  I think these are names for either gender.

  • Leveraged Complete
  • Mina’s Dommage
  • Abridged Cinnabar
  • Velvet Blackjack
  • Valley Whisper
  • Caramel Sensation
  • Cherokee Promise
  • Lady Blackstar

IF you’ve made it this far, you win a prize:  Me on a bike.  I wouldn’t blame you for printing it out and putting it on your nightstand.  I did.



Soda said...

you win the most ridculous person of the day award! and that beats the kid I saw walking around down town TIburon with a "Dirty Ghetto Kids" t-shirt on today. Honestly, it's TIBURON! But you are still more ridiculous, I mean horse names?? Come on now... that is just as bad as the other pet names.

Kelly said...

i use to read baby name books when i was little, which is strange since i hate children, so i would name imaginary characters. those were awesome characters, then i gave them personalities. what are these names' personalities?

tks said...

another good resource for names is the nfl draft. i bet there's some good ones in the nba draft too.

Sarah said...

HA! I was going to be like Soda and comment on the ridiculousness of this post (I know you thought my shark post was ridiculous, but I don't care), but I loved TKS's comment that then I had to just say I thought that was funny. Def could find some good names there.

So are you smiling in that bike picture? Or wincing in pain? I can't tell.