Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Nutrition 53’s Lean1

I won’t go into how I got hooked by this stuff – but in all my years of racing SOMETHING, this is the best stuff I’ve ever used.  Part of the Nutrition53 family is the Lean1 product.  Both Ben Collins and Courtenay are using this product – and Court likes it so much, she’s using it to drop a few lbs in her very public experiment: 

Here are some of the claims they make and my thoughts:

Control your intake and curb your hunger while having the energy you desire – this is incredibly true.  I’m always hungry, always.  Once I started using Lean1, I stopped having cravings all afternoon and can easily stick to 3 meals + 2 snacks a day. 

Lose the excess pounds that have been nearly impossible to shed – the proof is in the pounds.  I’ve dropped 4lbs and 2% of body fat in 5 weeks of using this – I wasn’t even trying.  I’ve had my weight plateau for about 6 months and once I started using Lean1, I’ve dropped the weight in a snap. 

Maintain the physique you have worked so hard for – care for another picture of my calves?  My daughter said ‘daddy you look like a monster you’re so skinny’ – I thought that was AWESOME!

Consume the vitamins, minerals, fruits, vegetables, fibers and proteins you need. – agreed, I’ve never felt stronger or better since using the Nutrition53 products.

1I’ve been using the 3 Nutrition53 products in conjunction with the 1st Endurance Optygen and Multiv products – these have all been really solid.  To round out the full menu of products, I mix all of these with my Base Water to ensure solid hydration. 

Check out Lean1 and let me know your thoughts.  I’ve noticed a difference in only a few weeks – but you’ll notice the hunger drops immediately!  If you use the code TRIATHLETE you’ll get 50% off your first order (so make it a good one). 

I don’t get paid by Nutrition53 BTW. 


There are 4 flavors but only Banana Cream and Chocolate are good.  On recovery days I use Lean1 to replace my lunch. 

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Soda said...

I am tempted to try this just to see what would happen to my stomach.... maybe it could handle it?? I want to try products that work too!!!!