Saturday, July 5, 2008

The New Nutrition: Nutrition53 - Neuro1

A few weeks ago I did the San Jose International triathlon – not a great race for me since I was fighting off a bacterial infection, but I was able to first meet the boys (and girls) behind Nutrition53.  It’s not too hard to notice one of their founders: Bill Romanowski.  He’s enormous and at something around 6’5” you feel pretty compelled to see what the guy is up to.  This is where I meet Glen, one of their investors and a guy who totally loves his job and company.

They make a few products, none which seem to exist in triathlon nutrition today.  All of the products are powdered and mix with water (and ice). 

neuro1Neuro1: which promises to provide you to:

  • Have the clarity and energy you need at work during the day.
  • Have the stamina you need for exercise and training
  • Be able to remember information quickly and easily
  • Deal effectively with stress and pressure in your life

Seems a bit strong of a claim and then I tried it.  Since I do some stuff as an agent for Ben and Courtenay, I asked Glen to send some product to them.  Guess what, they both freaked out.  In a good way.  Ben called and e-mailed me he was so excited.  Courtenay used it before her race and rocked it.  I use it post-lunch and before my afternoon ride and consistently feel great.  It’s one of the few products I’ve ever tried that does exactly what it claims to do (though a glass of Merlot is a nice alternative to handling the last claim, it’s just not as effective for the others

Here are some key thoughts about this product:

  • Nutrition53 provided me with a shaker to mix their stuff, actually 2 of them – one for work and home.  It works.  I’m finding myself excited about a drink shaker.
  • Neuro1 mixes very well.  I find there are tons of products out there that just don’t mix well.  Chunks of stuff end up on the bottom (or top) or it needs a power mixer to make some magic.  Neuro1 goes in, shake, shake, shake and it’s ready.
  • The flavors are good.  They offer 3: Mixed Berry, Orange Cream, and Mocha Latte (also Orange Cream without caffeine – but that’s just silly).
  • The company LOVES their customers.  If you send mail to them, you’ll have a response in minutes.  I’m overwhelmed by their strong customer focused attitude. 
  • They are sponsoring triathlons at the grass roots level – they were at (with Bill, Glen and crew) at the San Jose race and also at the UVAS race.  They handed out as much product as you wanted.
  • As Courtenay and Ben have mentioned, since you’re mixing it with water, you’re getting MORE water.

Here are some things that I’m not a fan of:

  • My wife tried my stuff, liked it and took ALL of my Neuro1, INCLUDING MY SHAKER, on her business trip. 
  • I liked it so much, I dedicated a whole post to one of the 3 products I’m using and I gave a whole box to Courtenay and Ben for them to try, no promises, no payment – just ‘try it’ and they did (Courtenay and Ben) – even Westie tried it out.
  • It’s not free

I’m getting a link to them with hopefully a discount baked into it so you can also try it.  I only wish more of the products I’ve tried were so worthy to receive a recommendation. 

Look for more reviews of their stuff.  I’m that excited!

I’ll definitely be using Neuro1 as my pre-race drink for the remainder of my season.

DISCOUNT: If you enter the term ‘TRIATHLETE’ when you check out you will get 50% off your first order.  If I was making my first order.  I’d get a tub of the banana flavor of Lean1, root beer float of Sleep1 and orange cream of Neuro1.


Soda said...

the only problem with all of you (who are not sponsered) pimping Nutrition53 is that I keep hearing good things but I can't take it!!! Stupid whey protein.

Kelly said...

So I'm curious about this. you all are excited, but you're always excited abotu something and it's super hard for me to keep track of each new nutrition product.

my question/concern is about the amount of caffeine? i dont take caffeine really and it would probably freak/stress me out. and besides wouldnt anything with caffeine make you more alert?

Loren Pokorny said...

They make a non-caffinated version for those who aren't coffee freaks.

Sarah said...

I really want to try this stuff...