Tuesday, July 22, 2008

More Vineman 70.3…

clip_image001I think I left off somewhere complaining about my run.  It hurt.  I think I bruised my feet running on the river rocks in the swim, so I paid a penalty for that and it hurt me on the run.  From now on, I’ll swim the swim – unless I can run on small, round, sand-like rocks. 

Some thoughts:

It’s awesome to race right behind the pros.  I’ll give up an extra hour of sleep in order to race on a clean course and be done before the sun is out. 

I could have executed my nutrition strategy better.  I tried to be conservative but got too conservative. 

I’d go on about what I could have done better, but I’m going to be positive – so here is nothing but great positive awesomeness:

  • The team Ian and I started this year had 5 people race:
    • Ian: fighting (and beating) cancer did Vineman with 4 weeks of training.  He’s been fighting cancer or recovering surgery since November 2007. He finished in 5:32.  In this case, time doesn’t matter.  I’m grateful that we got to do this race this year – I’m looking forward to pasting him good next year.  I’m not sure I know anyone tougher.  His wife ran out to mile 3 and ran the last 3 miles with him.  He’s a lucky guy with great support and a tremendous friend.
    • JP: JP’s wife tells him before he heads to registration on Saturday that she thinks their baby is going to arrive within 24 hours.  He showed up and raced.  No guy in his right mind would do that.  JP did.  He’s still married.  No baby yet.
    • Soda: I think this was her 5th triathlon ever.  She finished 2nd and qualified for 70.3 Worlds.  She’s awesome. 
    • Frank: He’s just fast.  I don’t know how much he trains on the road – because he won the whole San Jose Mtn. Bike Triathlon a few weeks ago.  He also qualified for worlds. 
  • The day before the race I got to have lunch with fellow bloggers and friends: Soda and Sarah.  Sarah’s car is better than Greg’s – she wanted to know when I got in.  There was no duct tape on the seat.  She wins. 
  • I didn’t have to swim the whole swim.  I love running around turn-around markers.  This is the 2nd time this season where I’ve been able to run during the swim.
  • I saw no less than 12 marshals on the bike course.  I felt hounded a bit – but glad they were out there.  I passed people in less than 20 seconds every time – so I was legal and fast!  I also only got passed by 2 guys on the bike. 
  • Using ALCIS to get your wetsuit off AND after the race for the legs is awesome.  Best wetsuit transition ever.  Plus I crushed Rik (in T2) by 4 seconds, which is a victory for me since he pasted me by 10 mins on the bike.  For those of you who blog – I’m working on a partnership with them.  Let me know if you want in!
  • Jim at Beyond Fabrications got me a Hydrotail on Saturday.  Both Ben and Soda ride Jim’s bikes.  He’s awesome at customer service and he’s got a great new entry level road bike for <$1,700 – with Ultegra and the bike weighs <16.5 lbs! 
  • I finished early enough to catch Soda, Sarah, Ian and Frank – I also got to meet my coach in person.  Seems silly but we just chat on the phone and via email – it works fine, but he was there handing water out at mile 3/10. 
  • Chris Westall (another Zteamer) was out there cheering – making the drive from SFO.  He’s a great guy to cheer for you – he’ll find a spot to cheer for you all over the course and you’ll see him 2-3x per race. 
  • Matt Dixon and Chris Lieto were out there and gave me lots of support – they went past me at least 3x on the run and gave me lots of cheers each time.
  • I saw on Kelly or Courtenay’s blog that they’d be out on the bike course, starting at 8:30am.  So I got to spend time on the bike trying to figure out when I’d see them.  They were out there and gave a cheer.  Courtenay noted that I am not so cheery on the bike.  We got to spend a little bit after the race chatting – so hopefully I made up for my lack of cheer afterwards.  They’re both a hoot to chat with. 
  • Greta my awesome and super foxy wife took the girls to Seattle (where she grew up) to hang out with the grandparents – a week before her sister’s wedding.  There isn’t a single minute of my race that she isn’t responsible for some part of it.  I’m lucky she picked me. 
  • I also DID do MUCH better than my last race.  As my friend Mark (a fellow analyst) mentioned, I did improve (it was an 8% improvement).  I’m shooting for more in 25 days!

That’s all. 

Now I’m resting for a few days up in Seattle – getting the legs back under me and ramping back up for 2 solid weeks before another short ‘taper’.


Chris Westall said...

Great Race buddy... Sub 5 (Awesome).

And where the heck to you keep finding these dolphin pictures... I'm a little worried about your web surfing habits ;-)

Courtenay said...

i am being helpful by pointing out that you mis-spelled vineman 70.3 in your tag for this post... it says vinenman or something.

and we ARE a hoot! and we are nice! and little!

Greta said...

I'm very concerned about your high use of incredibly horrible fantasy-developer-style images throughout your blog...I may have to let the artist know that you are using them without permission so they cease and desist your skinny beee-hind...


Rik said...

Thanks for the shout-out on the bike split. I can't say that I noticed any marshals on the course. But I can't say that I saw much, if any, drafting on the course either - and I was prepared to yell at drafters!

My favorite part of the bike leg, besides the never ending stream of 20-something women and 33-34 year old guys that I was passing (the two waves in front of me), was passing cars going up Chalk Hill when they were stuck behind slower cyclists.

The run brought me back down to earth in a hurry though.

Greg Remaly said...

WELL, if an ANALYST said you improved, then who am I or anyone else to say different?

jk, well done, lorpeedo.

tks said...

i have my money set aside for lagos after my "pasting" at timberman.
less than four weeks? i guess i should start training...

Ian said...

Loren likes the Dolphin pictures because he's been trying to make Greta "sound like a Dolphin" for sometime now. You'll have to ask him how he is trying to do this--it's interesting.