Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Lorpeedo Down

I had 4 workouts before Vineman.  Today was my final bike workout.  I had 4x30 second max efforts.  I was riding, started my effort and saw 29.9mph and then I was over my bike, in the air. 

It hurt. 

My feet worked, my hands worked and my collarbones were in tact.  I was laying on the ground, facing the sky.  I felt the blood coming down my leg.

Lots of people stood over me.  I got asked if I wanted an ambulance – I said no because I know I have a big deductible. 

I wondered if I could still swim, bike and run on Sunday.

Greta is NOT going to be happy.

I laid in the road for what felt like 5 mins or so.  I wondered what my HR was, it felt high. 

The blood was oozing down my leg now. 

I got a hand up and got my bike.  Not a single scratch. 

I looked at my leg, the blood looked exactly like Strawberry Banana GU.  There was a tire mark down my leg.

I rode home.  

Everything is bleeding.  Everything hurts.  My right arm hurts to move, as does the other one.  My knuckles are even bleeding.  My forearms are swollen as is my knee and shin and hand. 

My wedding ring is scratched. 

I just got blood on the couch trying to write this.

I’ll be at Vineman on Sunday, just a few oz. lighter.


Soda said...

OUCH! Um... no good. Need anything?

Kelly said...


at least you're all in one piece. hope things start to feel better.

Sarah said...

DUDE!!! OMG WHAT HAPPENED??!?! Oh man Loren, that sucks. Just take it easy and'll be ready for Sunday, good as new!!

Hope you feel better. :(

Rik said...

Sorry to hear this, Glad you are (relatively) OK and I hope you feel better by race time.

You should really take a cue from me and save the spectacular wipeouts for when you come into T2. Good entertainment for the crowd and volunteers.

lorenpokorny said...

Thanks all. It's bad that you come home, bleeding, call your wife and write a post before much else.

I did an interval, hit 30mph, put my hands onto my bars so I could slow down for a stop sign - hit a bump in the road that knocked my hands off the bars and ker-pow. It hurts still. Luckily I'm sort of a freak of nature and heal quickly.

Chris Westall said...

CRAP DUDE!!! You're supposed to be tapering!

Sounds like your Ok (sort of).

Let me know if you need anything... I'll be glad to help.

Courtenay said...

this is just all part of your plan to not be heckled by me on sunday, i know it.

nevertheless, sorry to hear that your rubber side went up... that's definitely no fun and no fair.