Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Boys Names

July08early 127So we ask Sada, if we had a baby and it was a boy – what should be name it? 

Sada says: How about Woody or Bullseye?

How about a girl (baby sister)?

Sada says: Flowerhead? 

Clearly there is a reason 5 year olds cannot have kids. 

Right about now you’re thinking – is there a mini-peedo somewhere?  No, it’s purely what I call ‘crazy talk’ like 'will you do Kona?’ or ‘can we have the 22 year old Swedish nanny?’ (22, so she can of course go get Greta wine from the store) or ‘when are you going to be done with triathlon?’ or ‘can I get you another bottle'?’.  Crazy talk. 

Sada ran a half mile last night in sandals, pulling a rolling suitcase without stopping.  It was awesome.  She didn’t even ask for a gel or flat Coke.

If you’re super interested in seeing pretty much the cutest flower girls and matron of honor, you can visit here

BTW – I should probably think of some good names – so feel free to submit some ideas. 

Sada is an old family name (that’s her on the left) and Piper is an old name Greta thought of while we were driving down the road like 4 years ago. 

I’m thinking Macca. 


Chris said...

The best name ever is going to be my son, Dante Tremonte.

Sarah said...

And Dante will be made fun of up until he's about 13. So not a good idea.

And Loren, there is no WAY IN THIS WORLD Greta would allow her son to be named Macca.

You men. Sheesh.

Loren Pokorny said...

If parents name their sons 'Loren' and 'Chris', Macca is clearly an easy one to get by momma.

Ben said...

I like the double names. Paul Benjamin has served me well. A little too standard to come after Sada and Piper though. Nina is a fun name, or you could go with the stipper names. Boys growing up with two older sisters should have manly names that can't be turned into "cute" nicknames.

Greg Remaly said...

courtenay's comment: "GROAN"

my comment: you and your man-crush on Macca. ridiculous. you haven't even met him, have you? GROAN.

PS Dante Tremonte rocks. almost as good as Bullseye.

Dalai Mama said...

Jon wanted to name Scout "Satchel" after the baseball great. FYI... he lost. You will too.

Chris Westall said...

I think you should pull a name from The Simpsons "Max Power"

Think of it... Max Power Pokorny

excerpt from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Homer_to_the_Max

"Max Power" (which Homer got off a hair dryer and was the only name he spelled correctly). The family is surprised to learn of his name-change, but "Max" starts speaking of his new personality — dynamic, decisive, uncompromising and rude. When Marge complains that she does not want to snuggle with Max Power, Homer counters by telling her, "No one snuggles with Max Power, you strap yourself in and feel the Gs!" (the last part said while thrusting his hips rhythmically).

Chris Westall said...

Oh... and Greg I think the updated term is "Bro-mance"

Soda said...

give a name that little kids won't have a problem with, there is enough teasing in middle school, adding in a ridiculous name just isn't needed.