Sunday, July 6, 2008

Almost Done

I had a pretty good tempo run yesterday despite the fact my HR is still elevated from something (which means running at 193-200 for 45 mins).  I was 2 seconds off my fastest 1 hour per mile pace AND I ran 20 mins EZ to start and 20 mins EZ to cool down!  There were a few miles in the respectable 6 min range and the cool downs in the 8s and included about 500 ft. of climbing. 

A great sign of progress is that since I generally run with a Garmin 201 strapped to my arm (it’s about the size of an old Sony Walkman), I’ve got records for most of my runs outside that are not hill repeats (which I’ll have to record to see how silly they look).  Since January I’ve improved my speed by 1 mph on the run (avg. speed) – starting around 7.1!  Not that fast, but an improvement that means I’m doing something right.  My cycling is about the same but I’m definitely riding stronger and pushing higher HR – so my LT is being pushing out in the right direction.

I also got a new pair of sneaks for the final 3 races of the season.  Racer_ST3 They’re the Brooks ST3 Racer – a good lightweight shoe that has a bit more cushion for the 13.1 miles I’ve got to tick off.  I will run in the 3-5x before Vineman to soften them up and toughen my feet where it’s needed.  Yesterday they did well but I had a few blisters on my heel, but nothing on the bottom of my feet which is what really hurts. 

After today, I’ve got nothing but a lot of easy Z2 stuff and a handful of efforts to keep the top end from falling off.  I’m hopeful that the Vineman bike course is more fun than Oceanside (I’m really just hoping for less wind) and that all of the effort between March 31 and now has been worth it.  I know the condition of our yard certainly hopes it was worth it.

I’m excited to race.

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