Thursday, July 31, 2008

Sort of Princess-ey

So with 2 girls pretty much everything in our house is only separated from a princess in maybe one degree (2 at most).  I mean, I even call a certain friend who happens to be a triathlete ‘Princess’.  So this is sort of a princessey thing.  I’m posting it because I found it on an advertising blog and because I know mostly women, men with girls names (this means you Chris, Chris and Tracy), men who admit to watching Mama Mia and LOVING it and sensitive fellas read this blog.  The rest just shave their legs and pretend their tough but you’re not that tough I think if you shave your legs – mean yes (Ian) but not tough.  Have yourself a good cry.  Tomorrow I’ll write about pain and training and boobies.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Poopie Nubu

Sada lashed out today at me and called me a ‘Poopie Nubu’.  I’m not sure if I was supposed to feel bad, so I didn’t.  I also did a triathlon today – swam 1.1 miles (or so) with Ian this morning, then ran 10k home and then hopped on my bike and did 40k home from work.  On the ride home I got to ‘go how I felt’, since I felt good I did some efforts and tried to ride in a pace line but kept dropping the group.  They know how I feel riding with Ben. But really guys, who rides 17mph on the flats? 

There’s been a ton of feedback about names.  So rather than write a post about baby names, I’ll just write about stuff I consider when coming up with a name:

  1. Did they win a stage of the tour?  There are lots of great names there – i.e. Fausto, Thor, Stuart, Pedro, Miguel, Hugo or Louison
  2. Did I date someone with that name?  If yes, then no.  Name is out. 
  3. Does that name rhyme with any of the following ‘poop, butt, gay, stupid, french fries, diarrhea or chris’ – if so, out.
  4. Has anyone in history with that name done bad things – i.e. Adolph, Lizzie, John Wilkes, Charlie, Keanu, or Madonna – if so, out.
  5. Has anyone in history with that name done good things – i.e. Jesus, Moses, Mohandas Karamchand, Lance, Napoleon (Dynamite) or Bono. – if so, out (too obvious)
  6. Is it confusing – i.e. Loren, Chris, Pat, or Courtney (or Courtenay), or Huggy Bear.  – if so, out.
  7. Did we have a pet with that name – i.e. Rufus, Shoes, Fellini, Scully, Chinkers, Bubba, Lucy or Turk Turk Babe (Greta’s cat not mine). – if so, we’d be retarded.
  8. Do we already have a kid with that name – i.e. Sada or Piper. – if so, out (mildly confusing).
  9. Is there a llama named the same name – i.e. Tina. – if so, no.

So there are some ideas.  I also like horse names or at leas how they come up with those – so on today’s ride into work – I gave it some though.  I think these are names for either gender.

  • Leveraged Complete
  • Mina’s Dommage
  • Abridged Cinnabar
  • Velvet Blackjack
  • Valley Whisper
  • Caramel Sensation
  • Cherokee Promise
  • Lady Blackstar

IF you’ve made it this far, you win a prize:  Me on a bike.  I wouldn’t blame you for printing it out and putting it on your nightstand.  I did.


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Boys Names

July08early 127So we ask Sada, if we had a baby and it was a boy – what should be name it? 

Sada says: How about Woody or Bullseye?

How about a girl (baby sister)?

Sada says: Flowerhead? 

Clearly there is a reason 5 year olds cannot have kids. 

Right about now you’re thinking – is there a mini-peedo somewhere?  No, it’s purely what I call ‘crazy talk’ like 'will you do Kona?’ or ‘can we have the 22 year old Swedish nanny?’ (22, so she can of course go get Greta wine from the store) or ‘when are you going to be done with triathlon?’ or ‘can I get you another bottle'?’.  Crazy talk. 

Sada ran a half mile last night in sandals, pulling a rolling suitcase without stopping.  It was awesome.  She didn’t even ask for a gel or flat Coke.

If you’re super interested in seeing pretty much the cutest flower girls and matron of honor, you can visit here

BTW – I should probably think of some good names – so feel free to submit some ideas. 

Sada is an old family name (that’s her on the left) and Piper is an old name Greta thought of while we were driving down the road like 4 years ago. 

I’m thinking Macca. 

Monday, July 28, 2008

A Quickie…

I usually get a bunch of mean e-mails if I don’t post regularly – so you have to forgive me for taking a few days off.  Normally this would be a vacation but mix in a wedding and sales folks who call regardless of your office status keep it pretty much like a work week but just in a different place. 

I was in Seattle where it was cloudy but slightly warmer than Tiburon.  Since I’m only a few days out from finishing Vineman 70.3, it was a light week.  I got into my old pool with my old coach and did a master’s swim workout.  I tried to start off in the slow lane but he wouldn’t let me stay there.  I had to swim in lane 3 of 4 but got relegated to lane 2 after we finished 1/2 of the workouts (I’m hoping it was because lane 2 had 2 people and lane 3 had 4).  I also got in a few runs which were 45-60 mins all pretty ez.

Since I don’t have anything specific to write about – I’ll cover lots of stuff.

sarah's_wedding 103At the wedding I found more blog readers.  They (Kris and Jeremy) knew about my crash before even seeing me – then I got to hear a great little story about how Jeremy tried to impress his wife at a local track.  Somehow (likely black magic), Jeremy ended up crashing (while running) and ended up dropping some skin and pretty much all of the ‘impressiveness’ he had build up over the course of a few years.  Beefing it in front of one’s wife or girlfriend is probably right down there with letting a big one go in a quiet office. 

Sada and Piper were flower girls at least in position.  As soon as Piper got to the door –she panicked and yelled ‘I want my mommy’.  Sada held firm and dropped rose petals where she was supposed to.  They were both the life of the party and literally out danced nearly everyone by 11:15pm.  They’re both clearly endurance athletes at heart.

At one point during the trip Sada got mad at me and when kids get mad, they sometimes lash out.  They lash out in sort of funny ways – thinking of the worst things they can say.  The three worst things I’ve ever heard are:

  • I’m canceling your birthday! (which is of course, the single worst thing anyone could have happen to them)
  • I’m going to cut your wheel off! (which is only bad if you’re riding later or happen to be on the bike)
  • You’re not in my heart anymore! (this is what we believe to be her ‘digging real deep’ lash-out – where she goes all out in an effort to wound us deep, she usually follows with ‘Shoes is in my heart’ – Shoes is the cat with IBD who isn’t allowed in house because of her uncontrollable pooping, so in effect this puts us behind Shoes which is pretty low)

Then about 2 mins later everything is usually fine.  It’s then when she says funny stuff like what I heard yesterday on the plane or at the airport:

“Mama, what’s cleavage?'”

“Where did Cinderella go on her honeymoon?”

“Can we press the lunch button?” (that’s the stewardess call button on the plane)

With air travel there is always something fun.  I bought my ticket for 7:30pm – Greta had booked her ticket with the girls a while ago.  We got to the airport, found the girls reservations and found that I was close but had booked my flight for 7:30am.  Luckily I got on the plane and next to 2 people who were so pleased at how smart and clever they were.  I wanted to point out to the guy that if he was so clever and smart then why was his girlfriend wearing jeans that even the late 90’s aren’t calling back for and why would she call attention to her massive ankles and size 11 feet with her SHORT BLACK SOCKS AND TAN SUEDE HIKING SHOES?  There are more fashion crimes in Seattle than nearly anywhere else in the US. 

I leave in 15 days for the Timberman 70.3 race. I’ve heard it’s not flat and not fast and hot.  Luckily I’m racing for ice cream. 

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

More Vineman 70.3…

clip_image001I think I left off somewhere complaining about my run.  It hurt.  I think I bruised my feet running on the river rocks in the swim, so I paid a penalty for that and it hurt me on the run.  From now on, I’ll swim the swim – unless I can run on small, round, sand-like rocks. 

Some thoughts:

It’s awesome to race right behind the pros.  I’ll give up an extra hour of sleep in order to race on a clean course and be done before the sun is out. 

I could have executed my nutrition strategy better.  I tried to be conservative but got too conservative. 

I’d go on about what I could have done better, but I’m going to be positive – so here is nothing but great positive awesomeness:

  • The team Ian and I started this year had 5 people race:
    • Ian: fighting (and beating) cancer did Vineman with 4 weeks of training.  He’s been fighting cancer or recovering surgery since November 2007. He finished in 5:32.  In this case, time doesn’t matter.  I’m grateful that we got to do this race this year – I’m looking forward to pasting him good next year.  I’m not sure I know anyone tougher.  His wife ran out to mile 3 and ran the last 3 miles with him.  He’s a lucky guy with great support and a tremendous friend.
    • JP: JP’s wife tells him before he heads to registration on Saturday that she thinks their baby is going to arrive within 24 hours.  He showed up and raced.  No guy in his right mind would do that.  JP did.  He’s still married.  No baby yet.
    • Soda: I think this was her 5th triathlon ever.  She finished 2nd and qualified for 70.3 Worlds.  She’s awesome. 
    • Frank: He’s just fast.  I don’t know how much he trains on the road – because he won the whole San Jose Mtn. Bike Triathlon a few weeks ago.  He also qualified for worlds. 
  • The day before the race I got to have lunch with fellow bloggers and friends: Soda and Sarah.  Sarah’s car is better than Greg’s – she wanted to know when I got in.  There was no duct tape on the seat.  She wins. 
  • I didn’t have to swim the whole swim.  I love running around turn-around markers.  This is the 2nd time this season where I’ve been able to run during the swim.
  • I saw no less than 12 marshals on the bike course.  I felt hounded a bit – but glad they were out there.  I passed people in less than 20 seconds every time – so I was legal and fast!  I also only got passed by 2 guys on the bike. 
  • Using ALCIS to get your wetsuit off AND after the race for the legs is awesome.  Best wetsuit transition ever.  Plus I crushed Rik (in T2) by 4 seconds, which is a victory for me since he pasted me by 10 mins on the bike.  For those of you who blog – I’m working on a partnership with them.  Let me know if you want in!
  • Jim at Beyond Fabrications got me a Hydrotail on Saturday.  Both Ben and Soda ride Jim’s bikes.  He’s awesome at customer service and he’s got a great new entry level road bike for <$1,700 – with Ultegra and the bike weighs <16.5 lbs! 
  • I finished early enough to catch Soda, Sarah, Ian and Frank – I also got to meet my coach in person.  Seems silly but we just chat on the phone and via email – it works fine, but he was there handing water out at mile 3/10. 
  • Chris Westall (another Zteamer) was out there cheering – making the drive from SFO.  He’s a great guy to cheer for you – he’ll find a spot to cheer for you all over the course and you’ll see him 2-3x per race. 
  • Matt Dixon and Chris Lieto were out there and gave me lots of support – they went past me at least 3x on the run and gave me lots of cheers each time.
  • I saw on Kelly or Courtenay’s blog that they’d be out on the bike course, starting at 8:30am.  So I got to spend time on the bike trying to figure out when I’d see them.  They were out there and gave a cheer.  Courtenay noted that I am not so cheery on the bike.  We got to spend a little bit after the race chatting – so hopefully I made up for my lack of cheer afterwards.  They’re both a hoot to chat with. 
  • Greta my awesome and super foxy wife took the girls to Seattle (where she grew up) to hang out with the grandparents – a week before her sister’s wedding.  There isn’t a single minute of my race that she isn’t responsible for some part of it.  I’m lucky she picked me. 
  • I also DID do MUCH better than my last race.  As my friend Mark (a fellow analyst) mentioned, I did improve (it was an 8% improvement).  I’m shooting for more in 25 days!

That’s all. 

Now I’m resting for a few days up in Seattle – getting the legs back under me and ramping back up for 2 solid weeks before another short ‘taper’.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Vineman 70.3 Race Report (and dolphin picture)

It should have been the Vineman 65.3 race report – I would have had a better race.  Timberman 70.3 is in 26 days, I’ll improve there.  I have to.

Here’s how I did vs. Oceanside 70.3 and my goals

41:26 – goal, 38. actual: 39:26 – there’s another 2 mins still in me this season, Timberman goal: 37-38

2:46:29, goal 2:30, actual: 2:33, there’s another 5 mins, Timberman goal <2:27

1:43:49, goal <1:40, actual: 1:39, there’s another 5-7 mins, Timberman goal: <1:35

5:17:34, goal ?, actual 4:56

I was 38th in my division, at Oceanside I was 89th.  I gained 18 positions with my transitions overall and 5 in my age group.  Avg for the T1 was 4:45 (I was 2:14) and avg for T2 was 4:27 (I was 2:24 AND I put on socks). 

See Bay Area Tri for more awesome details.



Let’s start off with the excuses:

  • I crashed on Wednesday – I must have whacked my head really good because on Thursday I had a headache all day, I was nauseated and I had a hard time putting thoughts together.  By Friday AM, I couldn’t even hold a conversation.  It hurt to think.  Oh, and I got all bruised and hurt.
  • I slept on the floor Sat night and probably slept 30 mins.  I just couldn’t get to sleep, so I stayed in my ‘restful’ place as much as possible.

Not great excuses and I don’t think they really mattered much, though I’m hopeful the crash did matter and that in <4 weeks at Timberman 70.3 I’ll do better.

The swim was fine – it was 71 degrees, but I think that was Celsius. It was hot.  Luckily 3 times I was swimming along and could touch the bottom with my hand, I looked up and about a dozen or so guys were just running, so I ran.  It felt good to swim and run – but later I found out when you run in a river on rocks you can bruise your feet. 

clip_image001I had a great T1, passing about 10 guys who jog to their bikes as well as the 4 guys sitting on the carpet stripping their wetsuits.  For the first time in a race I used Alcis – it’s a pain relief cream often handed out at races around here.  It is THE best for getting your suit off.  I had the arms off easily and the legs I got doing the Ben Collins dance – which is sort of a step pull, step pull and the legs are off.  It’s about 3-5 seconds.   Because we had to have our stuff sent over to T2, you had to actually pack up all of your stuff in a labeled bag that they’d bring to T2, about 15 miles away. 

I passed another 5-6 guys on the run out and leapt onto my steed.  I rode pretty easy getting settled in for the first 10 miles.  The course was nice – I don’t look around much but noticed some vineyards but mostly hills and crappy pavement.  At times I couldn’t see – I was just rattling along hoping for a little magic carpet tarmac.  The hill was not really a hill, there were lots of hills but ‘the big one’ was about 2 mins long.  My hamstring kept sending down these awful waves of pain down my leg into my knee and calf.  A few times I just had to coast and stretch, I probably did that 5-6 times.  I held a pretty decent 22mph pace, at one point around 22.3 but that dropped to about 22.0 by the time I got to the end.  I was passed by 2 guys around mile 48.  I got into T2 and saw about a dozen bikes at most, maybe less.  Maybe I missed a few racks.  I was 22mph at the end. 

The run started great – I went out with the guys who was 3rd on the swim and we ran perfect <7 min miles together until I had to make a quick pee stop at mile 6.  This is when the flat with 2 hill run (WHICH IS A HUGE LIE) got the better of me.  I ended with 7:33 miles, which is 22 secs faster than my run at Oceanside.  So I did improve.

More tomorrow…

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Lorpeedo Down

I had 4 workouts before Vineman.  Today was my final bike workout.  I had 4x30 second max efforts.  I was riding, started my effort and saw 29.9mph and then I was over my bike, in the air. 

It hurt. 

My feet worked, my hands worked and my collarbones were in tact.  I was laying on the ground, facing the sky.  I felt the blood coming down my leg.

Lots of people stood over me.  I got asked if I wanted an ambulance – I said no because I know I have a big deductible. 

I wondered if I could still swim, bike and run on Sunday.

Greta is NOT going to be happy.

I laid in the road for what felt like 5 mins or so.  I wondered what my HR was, it felt high. 

The blood was oozing down my leg now. 

I got a hand up and got my bike.  Not a single scratch. 

I looked at my leg, the blood looked exactly like Strawberry Banana GU.  There was a tire mark down my leg.

I rode home.  

Everything is bleeding.  Everything hurts.  My right arm hurts to move, as does the other one.  My knuckles are even bleeding.  My forearms are swollen as is my knee and shin and hand. 

My wedding ring is scratched. 

I just got blood on the couch trying to write this.

I’ll be at Vineman on Sunday, just a few oz. lighter.

Nutrition 53’s Lean1

I won’t go into how I got hooked by this stuff – but in all my years of racing SOMETHING, this is the best stuff I’ve ever used.  Part of the Nutrition53 family is the Lean1 product.  Both Ben Collins and Courtenay are using this product – and Court likes it so much, she’s using it to drop a few lbs in her very public experiment: 

Here are some of the claims they make and my thoughts:

Control your intake and curb your hunger while having the energy you desire – this is incredibly true.  I’m always hungry, always.  Once I started using Lean1, I stopped having cravings all afternoon and can easily stick to 3 meals + 2 snacks a day. 

Lose the excess pounds that have been nearly impossible to shed – the proof is in the pounds.  I’ve dropped 4lbs and 2% of body fat in 5 weeks of using this – I wasn’t even trying.  I’ve had my weight plateau for about 6 months and once I started using Lean1, I’ve dropped the weight in a snap. 

Maintain the physique you have worked so hard for – care for another picture of my calves?  My daughter said ‘daddy you look like a monster you’re so skinny’ – I thought that was AWESOME!

Consume the vitamins, minerals, fruits, vegetables, fibers and proteins you need. – agreed, I’ve never felt stronger or better since using the Nutrition53 products.

1I’ve been using the 3 Nutrition53 products in conjunction with the 1st Endurance Optygen and Multiv products – these have all been really solid.  To round out the full menu of products, I mix all of these with my Base Water to ensure solid hydration. 

Check out Lean1 and let me know your thoughts.  I’ve noticed a difference in only a few weeks – but you’ll notice the hunger drops immediately!  If you use the code TRIATHLETE you’ll get 50% off your first order (so make it a good one). 

I don’t get paid by Nutrition53 BTW. 


There are 4 flavors but only Banana Cream and Chocolate are good.  On recovery days I use Lean1 to replace my lunch. 

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Taper

It’s been about 2 years since I’ve been doing this multi-sport thing.  I’m down about 70lbs and I can almost run fast enough to elude Tom Cruise or whomever might be chasing me through the downtown Tiburon street (that’s right, street).  It’s also about time that I’ve learned to trust my Garmin GPS (I swore the lady didn’t know where she was taking me –then I find when you put in the RIGHT address, you’ll get there, when you put in the wrong one, you’ll be taken to the wrong place).  I’ve also learned to trust my coach, the guy I pay who has the master’s degree and a few years pro triathlete experience and something to do with NCAA swimming.  I used to think, ‘he’s crazy, I can’t to do that’ or ‘that won’t give me enough speed for where I need to be in 3 months’.  I don’t.  It works and if you actually use a coach like they should be used, it’s a great asset –probably greater than a power meter, or a $6,000 bike or a $800 disc wheel.  With a coach you have a greater chance of staying healthy, not over-training and actually achieving your goals! 


It’s now that it makes sense.  I was like – what an easy 2 weeks before Vineman, I need to be sharp and maybe do a few more efforts – but I didn’t.  I did what was on my schedule and the past few days were GLORIOUS.  I’ve been climbing like never before, on Saturday I stopped during a group ride – waited for Soda to get her chain back on, ride up a bit to the group, stop for a nature break and still catch the group within 2 miles – even when they were so far up the road I could barely see them.  My running has been as if I’ve got a tailwind everywhere.  I can do strides for days (though I’m just doing 6-8 of them) and this morning’s run felt as if my feet never hit the pavement. 

I’m psyched for Vineman.  My wave is the 2nd wave of the day and I feel great – even got a nice course recon from a former pro who has won the race.  I’m going to get my taxes and audits (yes, there are 3 due to the IRS and Solomon Smith Barney’s inability to get my stock option costs right) done, the girls head out on Friday to Seattle for Greta’s sister’s wedding and then Ian and I head up to Healdsburg for the race and registration on Saturday AM.  All of the stress will be gone by the end of the week, the kids will be sleeping soundly with Grandma and I’ve got nothing to do but pack, feed the cats and race. 

My coach has put me in crush it mode for the race and I’m excited to get going.  I will crush it.  I am fast and I am the Lorpeedo. 

Thursday, July 10, 2008

There’s a Lorpeedo in the Water!

After going through my list of things to think about while swimming I’m passed ‘thinking kayak’ and am now on fingertips along the water.  Ian pointed out (after Ben had) that I was ‘waving to my mom’ with my right arm (on my swim recovery) and barley lifting my left arm out of the water.  This was causing my left side to sink, my anchored hand fell, my momentum stopped and I wasted energy. 

I worked on this in yesterday’s swim and it makes a huge difference.  I swear I was saving about 20% effort and I felt faster. I’ll keep working on this and hope to see the results in a week at Vineman where I will crush.

Then I see this photo on the front page of Triathlete today.  I think he’s waving to his mom.


On a completely unrelated note, my mom who reads this blog (hi mom) felt the need to contribute this joke to the betterment of your life.  Don’t read it on a full stomach and please don’t hate me. 

A man is dining in a fancy restaurant and there is a gorgeous redhead sitting at the next table. He has been checking her out since he sat down, but lacks the nerve to talk with her.
Suddenly she sneezes, and her glass eye comes flying out of its socket t oward the man. He reflexively reaches out, grabs it out of the air, and hands it back.
'Oh my, I am so sorry,' the woman says as she pops her eye back in place.
'Let me buy your dinner to make it up to you,' she says.
They enjoy a wonderful dinner together, and afterwards they go to the theatre followed by drinks. They talk, they laugh, she shares her deepest dreams and
he shares his. She listens.
After paying for everything, she asks him if he would like to come to her place for a nightcap and stay for breakfast. They had a wonderful, wonderful time.
The next morning, she cooks a gourmet meal with all the trimmings. The guy is amazed. Everything had been SO incredible!
'You know,' he said, 'you are the perfect woman. Are you this nice to every guy you meet?'
'No,' she replies. . .
Wait for it. .
It's coming. .
The suspense is killing you, isn't it?

She says:
'You just happened to catch my eye.'

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Stupid, but I Feel Compelled Part III (this is for the haters)

Final post of the series, which basically too so long because I put more thought into than everyone else.

Five People I'd Want to have lunch with – with a twist:

  1. Greta, a cafe just about anywhere in Paris.  It would be like 2-3 hours long and she’d tell me to slow down. 
  2. Jesus, but like when he was post-grad, like 25 or so.  I’m sure he was really stressed out after he turned 30 or so.  Probably over pizza and a pitcher of hard cider. 
  3. Sada, she’d enjoy eating in Paris too.
  4. Piper, she’d have fun eating just about anywhere, so I’d pick our favorite place here, Waypoint Pizza in Tiburon.
  5. Greta, somewhere where we have a gift certificate or to a seaside cafe in Normandy, October. 

This was a place in Brussels, Belgium.  I had Moules Frites. 


Five Places I've lived:

  1. Seattle/Redmond WA
  2. Greenland, NH
  3. Tampa, FL
  4. Nederland, CO
  5. Tiburon, CA

Piper pondering her S’mores on July 4.  Ben and Soda are standing behind her.

July08early 185

Five jobs I've had:

  1. Analyst, Microsoft
  2. Program Manager, Microsoft
  3. Assistant Manager, Performance Bike Shop
  4. Assistant Manager, Timberland
  5. Ice Cream Scooper, Lago’s Lone Oak

This is one of the many pictures Sada has taken, not bad since she was 4. 

Mid June 08 048

If you’ve got a keen eye, you’ll notice that these are Desiree Ficker’s muffins.  Sada took this too. 

Mid June 08 047

Stupid, but I Feel Compelled Part II

If I were a Billionaire I would:

This one is a post in itself.  First things first, I’d have fun.  This would entail staying at a handful of chateaux around France (see this one and this one for examples of ones I’ve stayed in before) with my kids, a traveling nanny (likely Soda) and we’d bring in some friends (Ian can come train with me) and Greta will need a personal shopper.  We’d do this for a year or so, maybe more.  We’d also all ski in Switzerland.  I’d own a share in NetJets

clip_image002I’d learn to make wine and would buy a winery, I’d be hands off as an owner and would really only want input on the label and website – there would be no chardonnay produced.  I’d buy Ian and Greta a restaurant to run after sending both of them to culinary school – they’d get one here in Marin and one in the Sonoma area, there would be bicycles on the wall, Italian only.  I’d buy my parents and sister’s homes for them and get them updated however they’d like.   Along with lifetime passes for the entire family to Disney, which would probably really just be a lot of annual passes.  My mom would get a Jaguar and my dad could have anything he wanted, though I’d suspect he’d be happy with a new Ford something.  Greta’s parents would get a pair of Audi A3s.  We’d have family vacation homes in Florida and Santa Barbara or Santa Monica, not sure yet.  I’ll decide later. 

Then I’d do some good.  I’d set up scholarships for spouses and children of veterans who were killed.  Athletics and academic scholarships would be offered and I’d hire triathletes (who are smarter than most other types of athletes) to administer the program and my friend Pete who is an F-18 pilot in the USMC to run the overall program.  There would be a pool (50 meter, always long-course), showers and a great kitchen at the office.  It would be located near good roads and I’d hire Matt Dixon to help train folks.  He’d insist on a power-based spin program.  We would also allocate 25% to kids whose parents died from cancer – again, we’d focus on academic and athletic achievement.  We’d have a swim coach, he’d video people but wouldn’t be mean about it.

I’d learn to play the guitar.  Mostly anything but Joni Mitchell.  I’d also learn to dance, nothing new, only things like the Charleston and we’d throw an annual party with a 20’s theme.  You could only go if you could make a Gimlet.  It would last a week.  A triathlon would be involved. 

I’d race in the 24 hours of Le Mans.  You can do that for about $100,000 a seat.  I’d do it once.  Unless I crashed, then I’d do it until we finished.  I’d only drive a Porsche GT3.  My kids would get to paint it (or design the paint scheme, they could do that while we were in France).  Le Mans is a dumpy town by the way.

I’d go to diner a lot with my family.  I’d also race the Hawaii Ironman.  I’d also own an old Ferrari.  I”d have my bikes tuned up and we’d get a big power boat that we’d drive around about 3x a year.  We’d have about 6 scooters at each home.  You’d be required to wear a cape if you rode one. 

I’d buy Greta a diamond ring too. 

Next up….

Five People I'd Want to have lunch with:

Five Places I've lived:

Five jobs I've had:

Monday, July 7, 2008

Stupid, but I Feel Compelled

10 Years ago I was:

I’m older than you, unless of course your name is Ian ‘Huggy Bear’ Charles, in which case I’m much younger and less like a Yeti. 

Ok, 10 years ago I was… married and designing charting software for Microsoft.  I was also making a killing (like killing a mouse) in the market and day trading.  I had bought companies like AMZN and DELL when they went public and of course Greta has some great stock options from her time at MSFT.  We spent most of it on a new BMW and a house.  It was fun and good and we had the best cat in the world named Scully – named after the FBI mystery solver on X-Files.  I was racing bikes for Raleigh, or Mongoose (I’ve got the jerseys and a top 10 place I think in the WA state RR championship). 

Below is a chart of MSFT, DELL, and AMZN if you had bought $2,000 in each stock on Jan 1, 1997 and held it to July 7, 1998.  Amazon would have made you $26,000.  Dell would have put $13,000 in your bank account and MSFT would have performed poorly and only doubled your money in 18 months.  Life was good.  $6,000 would have made you $43,100.  If you kept it for 10 years, it would now be worth $12,100. 


5 years ago I was:

Trying not to drop our baby Sada.  She was 2 weeks old and not even 6lbs.  Who cares about bike riding when you’ve got a baby.  I took 3 months off of work and put in a slate tiling all over the place.  At least I think I did.  Still married.  Got another cat, Fellini (watch Breaking Away and the kid calls his cat Fellini, the dad says ‘the damn' cat’s name is jake’).  Fellini is about as useful as a goldfish, except less useful.  She loves us when she’s hungry or if it’s cold out.  Still working for MSFT, but I was an analyst. 

1 year ago I was:

Living in California with 2 girls, 1 wife (same great one) and working for a new company.  I never thought I’d live here or ever leave MSFT.  I think I had just finished a few triathlons at this point least year – I found out they go faster here than they do in WA.  We had found a school for Sada (Ring Mountain Day school) and super nanny Erika.  Finding a good nanny in Marin is like finding a home in Tuscany.  I had this kid I met a few months earlier who had just moved to Seattle (where I met him) come visit and train with me, he was some hot shot amateur kid who had done like 6 triathlons – I said I’d help him get some sponsors.  I figured after getting pasted by Ian all over the place I should bring in a ringer to lay some smack on Huggy Bear.  I’m still an analyst.

Things on my To-Do-list:

  1. My 2005 taxes
  2. My 2007 taxes
  3. Make dinner
  4. Miss Greta (she’s traveling to Chicago and Dallas, after being in Seattle last week)
  5. Raise kids

Five Snacks I enjoy:

  1. PB&J
  2. Pizza (it’s a snack)
  3. Coffee
  4. Protein Shakes (Lean1 from Nutrtion53 of course)
  5. Wine, red preferably and none of those of a sissy grapes (BOO-ZHO-LAY or perhaps a light GAM-MAY, ick)

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Almost Done

I had a pretty good tempo run yesterday despite the fact my HR is still elevated from something (which means running at 193-200 for 45 mins).  I was 2 seconds off my fastest 1 hour per mile pace AND I ran 20 mins EZ to start and 20 mins EZ to cool down!  There were a few miles in the respectable 6 min range and the cool downs in the 8s and included about 500 ft. of climbing. 

A great sign of progress is that since I generally run with a Garmin 201 strapped to my arm (it’s about the size of an old Sony Walkman), I’ve got records for most of my runs outside that are not hill repeats (which I’ll have to record to see how silly they look).  Since January I’ve improved my speed by 1 mph on the run (avg. speed) – starting around 7.1!  Not that fast, but an improvement that means I’m doing something right.  My cycling is about the same but I’m definitely riding stronger and pushing higher HR – so my LT is being pushing out in the right direction.

I also got a new pair of sneaks for the final 3 races of the season.  Racer_ST3 They’re the Brooks ST3 Racer – a good lightweight shoe that has a bit more cushion for the 13.1 miles I’ve got to tick off.  I will run in the 3-5x before Vineman to soften them up and toughen my feet where it’s needed.  Yesterday they did well but I had a few blisters on my heel, but nothing on the bottom of my feet which is what really hurts. 

After today, I’ve got nothing but a lot of easy Z2 stuff and a handful of efforts to keep the top end from falling off.  I’m hopeful that the Vineman bike course is more fun than Oceanside (I’m really just hoping for less wind) and that all of the effort between March 31 and now has been worth it.  I know the condition of our yard certainly hopes it was worth it.

I’m excited to race.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

The New Nutrition: Nutrition53 - Neuro1

A few weeks ago I did the San Jose International triathlon – not a great race for me since I was fighting off a bacterial infection, but I was able to first meet the boys (and girls) behind Nutrition53.  It’s not too hard to notice one of their founders: Bill Romanowski.  He’s enormous and at something around 6’5” you feel pretty compelled to see what the guy is up to.  This is where I meet Glen, one of their investors and a guy who totally loves his job and company.

They make a few products, none which seem to exist in triathlon nutrition today.  All of the products are powdered and mix with water (and ice). 

neuro1Neuro1: which promises to provide you to:

  • Have the clarity and energy you need at work during the day.
  • Have the stamina you need for exercise and training
  • Be able to remember information quickly and easily
  • Deal effectively with stress and pressure in your life

Seems a bit strong of a claim and then I tried it.  Since I do some stuff as an agent for Ben and Courtenay, I asked Glen to send some product to them.  Guess what, they both freaked out.  In a good way.  Ben called and e-mailed me he was so excited.  Courtenay used it before her race and rocked it.  I use it post-lunch and before my afternoon ride and consistently feel great.  It’s one of the few products I’ve ever tried that does exactly what it claims to do (though a glass of Merlot is a nice alternative to handling the last claim, it’s just not as effective for the others

Here are some key thoughts about this product:

  • Nutrition53 provided me with a shaker to mix their stuff, actually 2 of them – one for work and home.  It works.  I’m finding myself excited about a drink shaker.
  • Neuro1 mixes very well.  I find there are tons of products out there that just don’t mix well.  Chunks of stuff end up on the bottom (or top) or it needs a power mixer to make some magic.  Neuro1 goes in, shake, shake, shake and it’s ready.
  • The flavors are good.  They offer 3: Mixed Berry, Orange Cream, and Mocha Latte (also Orange Cream without caffeine – but that’s just silly).
  • The company LOVES their customers.  If you send mail to them, you’ll have a response in minutes.  I’m overwhelmed by their strong customer focused attitude. 
  • They are sponsoring triathlons at the grass roots level – they were at (with Bill, Glen and crew) at the San Jose race and also at the UVAS race.  They handed out as much product as you wanted.
  • As Courtenay and Ben have mentioned, since you’re mixing it with water, you’re getting MORE water.

Here are some things that I’m not a fan of:

  • My wife tried my stuff, liked it and took ALL of my Neuro1, INCLUDING MY SHAKER, on her business trip. 
  • I liked it so much, I dedicated a whole post to one of the 3 products I’m using and I gave a whole box to Courtenay and Ben for them to try, no promises, no payment – just ‘try it’ and they did (Courtenay and Ben) – even Westie tried it out.
  • It’s not free

I’m getting a link to them with hopefully a discount baked into it so you can also try it.  I only wish more of the products I’ve tried were so worthy to receive a recommendation. 

Look for more reviews of their stuff.  I’m that excited!

I’ll definitely be using Neuro1 as my pre-race drink for the remainder of my season.

DISCOUNT: If you enter the term ‘TRIATHLETE’ when you check out you will get 50% off your first order.  If I was making my first order.  I’d get a tub of the banana flavor of Lean1, root beer float of Sleep1 and orange cream of Neuro1.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Slow Moving…

I am trying to read – thanks to Sarah’s recommendation – I’m stuck reading all three of Stephen Clark’s hilarious ‘Merde’ series.   All are worthy summer reads and each take about a week of 20 mins a day. 

Since I’m reading, I’m not writing and I’m barely able to catch up with everyone else’s writing!  There are like 300 posts sitting in my RSS reader that I’m trying to get to. 

benwatch I know Ben is here in Tiburon, but I haven’t seen him.  Probably because he’s rollin’ fat behind the wheel of a minivan taking kids to their various activities.  He’ll know more about parenting and raising kids than any guy on the planet before he turns 30.  A sure catch that boy will be as soon as he takes off his Casio and stops living out of a Kswiss transition bag!

Sada had her first crash!  She is riding pretty fast now and got distracted, swerved right into the curb.  She smacked her head right on the curb but I saw the whole thing and without a helmet we would have been at a hospital, but instead we just had a few tears.  She also crashed in front of Robin Williams – our famous and rarely seen neighbor.  He was sweet about it as any dad hates to see kids beef it.  I’m still keen on getting her onto the track as a pursuit rider for 2016.  She felt better knowing that Peter Pan (from Hook) wanted to know how she was. 

I’m also finishing out my last big week of training for the season – this week has been looming on my training calendar for some time now and I’m finally here.  I finished my last dose of antibiotics (thanks Mr. Giardia) but have never felt stronger on the bike, swim and run!  I’ve had a 1.5 hour run with a bunch of tempo, 12, 20, and 30 min Z3 intervals on the bike, what felt like dozens of 5 min Z4 intervals (bike) and last night, 2 dozen 40 second all out efforts followed by 20 seconds Z1 (after the first 3-4 all out efforts, a 15 min spin would have been appreciated!) (bike).  Over the next few days I’ve got 4x3 min hill sprints + 1 hour run, a 1 hour run with 40 mins at 6:40 pace and the big papa of the year, a 3.5 hour ride, Z3 w/ 15 x 3 mins at Z4 PLUS an hour run at Z3 or 6:55 pace.  There’s a few swims in there too on either side of all of this both with Ian spanking me from one end of the lagoon to the other.

The magic is that I can get most of it done before 8am (the long ride will be tougher to fit in that early). 

Next week I begin to let up and taper for Vineman 70.3.  I think there is 10-12 hours next week on the schedule. 

Greta is out of town for two pitches (she’s an advertising queen) and it’s up to me, our nanny Erika and Soda  to keep the mini-peedos in line. 

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Will He Win?

As I sat and watched The Karate Kid (again) last night – we got towards the end where the big fight happens between Daniel Larusso (Myagi-do Karate) and John Lawrence (Cobra Kai).  Sada asks, ‘who is going to win daddy?’.  I thought the fact that she has seen this move 30 times but still wondered who won was awesome.  That basically proves that I’m not insane for watching the 2007 Hawaii Ironman 32 times wondering if this will be Macca’s year.  (Spoiler: Macca wins).

Greta will say I’m probably not well.  But I love her anyhow – especially since there are only 2 shampoos in the shower and one open toothpaste.