Thursday, June 19, 2008

You’ll Shoot Ur Eye Out

I’m posting for 4 reasons:

  1. Windows Live Writer has a new version.  I had to post since I opened it.  Auto hyper-linking!clap
  2. (Boxers I can see squeezing 36-48 hours out of them but a thong, that’s not refreshing.)handcuffs
  3. I wanted to prove to Sarah that it was not necessary to write the literary equivalent of a half-ironman in her blog.smile_wink
  4. I’ve always wanted to write a post about as long as Kelly does. thumbs_up

OOH – new one: Police arrest man running on trail in thong


Kelly said...

short posts = easy to read and ADD-accessible

the woman who like stabbed herself in the eye while trying on the thong is crazy. i read that yesterday and i'm still trying to figure out how exactly that would happen...

Sarah said...

It was only that long because of the You Tube Videos.

Anyway, I agree I need to take more lessons from Kelly and Ben. And Matt told me that i need to write shorter posts. He sent me a couple of links on articles that were on the topic "Writing for the Web."


It's all my mom's fault. And my grandfather's (he gave the verbal diarrhea to her).