Monday, June 23, 2008

The Ups and Down of Almond Butter

Like Zima, almond butter is all the rage.  I tried it.  I liked it.  It went down.  It came up.  5 times. 

The mythical almond butter was great – probably not as great as Courtenay or Greg or Ben or Lieto would have you believe, but it was good.  I provided Greg with the analogy that ‘it was good, sort of like when you find $5 in the pocket of a pair of jeans’ and then we disagreed on whether it was $5 or $20- I still think it’s $5, maybe $10 at the most. 

almondbutterI applied it wrong though.  I eat bagels with butter.  That’s my pre-race meal, it’s good and I know that I can run sprints 10 mins later and it won’t come back.  Ben said that when ‘butter’ is in the name of a product you don’t need to use regular butter – but you really should.  So I had my double buttered bagel.  

It was also 95 degrees out.  So I figured I’d go for a run, a tempo run with about 30 mins of 6:45 pace.  It was also hot – as it was said best in Biloxi Blues – IT WAS AFRICA HOT.  The warm up was easy but not really necessary since it was, well, hot and warm. 

It was also the day that a group of large folks were training for some walking event.  I would say that if you have to train for a walking event – you probably need to get out more.  I digress….

So I ran in and out of the 300 large participants of this walking event at my prescribed tempo pace – sort of fun until the almond butter returned.  I stopped counting at 7 – I’d run a bit, getting in about 15 mins at first and then the rest was broken into run run run run run- whoops, stop, ick, run run run run run.  I think I get credit for 30 mins of moving time (my Garmin 201 stops automatically when your pace falls above a certain min/mile pace).

Don’t eat almond butter before a run in 95 degree heat.  As I ran my target HR was 175.  When I saw 203, I figured I should back down and kept running at 199. 


Soda said...

eating at any close interval before running in 95 degree heat is NOT advised not matter what it is.

Ben said...

Seriously, why would you eat right before run intervals? That bagel should have had an hour - at least.

Plus, I did notice that you poured the almond butter on (after buttering the bread - eww) rather than spreading it. I'm pretty sure those 10 Tablespoons of AB had enough oil to ensure that something was coming out of your stomach - up or down - before the end of the run. Plus, there's no way you can digest 500 calories of almond butter, plus your 400 calorie bagel and 150 calories of dairy fat within a few minutes of a run. That is so not pro.