Thursday, June 5, 2008

Ticket Please

I was out the other day getting in 4 intervals of 5 mins in Z4.  As many of you know, this is sometimes a quick visit to the pain cave, or at least you get close.  So my coach had me ride out to the Marin Headlands with a warm up and then out for some slightly up hill efforts.  There are no houses, no services and usually no people (including ones in cars).  As I got ready for my third effort I set out, hit my target pace and climbed the grade around 12-14mph.  About halfway into the interval I pass a smallish intersection with a stop sign - because I was in the middle of nowhere, I didn't because you don't stop in the middle of an interval - it's like stopping a sneeze, you really just shouldn't.  As I pass the sign apparently the park police took note and fired up the sirens in hot pursuit.  As I stated before, I was in the middle of an interval and since I didn't stop for the stop sign in the middle of nowhere (not an excuse, just a fact) I certainly wasn't going to stop for the park ranger with his siren on until I was done (probably not the best idea).  I just kept going pretending my iPod was too loud to hear (it's not like you can listen to Motely Crue live on 2, it's got to be on 11) him and pushed up the hill.  When I was done and after he had made it clear that I was going to be run off the road if I didn't stop - I stopped.  He then used the mr. microphone to tell me to move up to the next road where it was safer, so I rode up ahead and pulled over again.

080603-rfk-injured-then_standardBoth officers approached me as I was still recovering from the effort - my HR still in the 160s.  For their safety, they had their hands on their sidearms as they got close enough and asked why I didn't stop at the stop sign, I said 'I was in the middle of an interval'.  Wrong thing to say. 

He asked for my driver's license and when I said that on my bike didn't carry it but provided them with all of my information. They responded and gave me a ticket.  He then spent the next 5 mins explaining to me how a federal warrant could be issued for me if I didn't pay it. blah blah blah.  I put my iPod headphones back in and waited for him to stop. 

By this point, there were a dozen cars stopped to see the reason why his lights were flashing and what was causing such a stir on the side of the road.  A number of drivers actually shouted support told the officer that there were bigger issues to deal with (apparently my red, white and blue ZteaM kit looked harmless to them). 

The officer finally gave me my copy and said I was free to go, 15 mins later. 

I was annoyed by my silliness and for not simply being issued a warning. 

Oh yeah, it was $100.


Greg Remaly said...

Oh, that's such bullshit. In 2000 while cycling I was pulled over in Red Lodge, MT, by some dumb cop. I also didn't stop right away, mostly because I knew I didn't do anything wrong.

He told me I had to ride in the bike lane through town. I told him I didn't ride in the bike lane because it was covered with debris, dirt, and glass, and posed a safety risk to me.

Further, I told him it's a 25 mph speed limit through town, and since it's a gradual downhill I was definitely going the speed of traffic.

He continued to be angry and argumentative, but must've had just enough intelligence to realize he had no case, so he let me go. I rode outside of the cruddy bike lane thru town the whole time I was there, daring them to try pulling me over again.

Kelly said...

i was out that way a little while ago and this police officer was giving some guys a ticket (in the middle of nowhere, no stop signs anywehre) and he yelled and me and steve that we had to ride single file.

i think the police here are getting all up in arms

Courtenay said...

how come ben wasn't with you to protect you and to be a voice of reason?

Loren Pokorny said...

Ben, aka 'The Voice of Reason', was home watching Piper so I could go ride. It would have been cheaper to have a baby sitter so both of us could ride together. Then again, Ben doing hill intervals with me wouldn't have helped because he'd be about a 1/2 mile ahead anyhow. So I'm back to the start.

Rory said...

Wouldn't it be nice if the cops had to ride bikes to catch you?

Sarah said...

That is so lame I can't even find more words to express my frustration for you.

During Tahoe last weekend, while we were PASSING OTHER RIDERS IN A PACELINE, a cop rolls by on his motorcycle from the other direction and yells to us "SINGLE FILE."


No SH** SHERLOCK!!! Ugh, they seriously need to get a FREAKIN LIFE.

They're just jealous because we can eat more doughnuts than them and still run faster.

Greta said...

That's $100 less out of my shoe and handbag budget.