Thursday, June 12, 2008

Some things

When I met Greta and before we got married there were a few things we agreed upon which assured our lifetime of companionship.  A few of those things were:

  1. Never own and park and RV in our yard/driveway
  2. Never own a minivan.
  3. No clowns in the house.
  4. No MORE surprise parties (I swear she was kidding, until I threw one).
  5. No rolling jeans at the bottom into a nifty little cuff.

One of my personal promises was to never (and I'm not kidding) that no matter how hard any race ever hurt, it would not hurt me this bad. 

loren running (3)

My friend Tracy sent this (nicely named as me running, it's not).


Ben said...

Wow. All week you have been telling Sada not to say poop, and then you go and post this. I'm going to start talking about my BMs at the dinner table.

Loren Pokorny said...

YOU'RE GOING TO START? Where do you think she gets this 'you're a poopie head, you're a poopie schmooie head'. I hear you talk to the ladies on the phone late at night. 'Hey baby, it's Mr. Poopie'. Don't play all innocent.

Soda said...

AHAHAHAHAHA the only time I heard poop out of Sada's mouth yesterday was saying the seaweed looked like poop in the water. Maybe her potty mouth is just around you two. Although I did hear "gasser" about 50 times from Piper.

Greg Remaly said...

I'm with Ben here. I didn't need to see that picture this morning...or any morning for that matter.

Sarah said...


On another note, there was some guy out on the Vineman course yesterday who had a bike that kind of looked like yours (I didn't get a close enough look for long enough) and he had an aero helmet and wheels like yours and I thought "that BETTER not be Loren, all zooming past us at 25 mph and not even saying hi."

But then I figured if it were you you would at least say SOMETHING akin to a hello or 'catch me if you can, suckers' and that you would probably be representin' the Z Team.

Too bad you couldn't make it. It was fun.

Rik said...


That might have been me on a black P3SL. Full aero gear since I wanted to so do a race simulation ride. Was that on 128 before Chalk Hill Road?

Loren Pokorny said...

I was out with Mr. Collins in the Marin area - non-aero except for the TT bikes. After a while neither of us knew how long we had been riding since Ben's garmin wasn't charged enough and I stopped mine and forgot to turn it on. I admire anyone who flies by and spares no effort in the plesantries. That's for the food tent.

Rik said...

Since I was in race simulation mode, they were lucky I didn't yell out "no drafting" as I rode past!

Sarah said...

Rik -
That MUST have been you. There was no other guy with a sweet rig like that who blew past us. We were pretty much blowing past everybody else. I think we saw you in Geyserville while we were getting water and then you sere stopped on the side of the road and I thought "oh gee I wonder how long it'll be 'til that guy catches me" and then a few minutes later...VROOOM off you went.

As for you Mr. Lorpeedo - I KNEW YOU WOULD SAY THAT. PSSSSSHhhhh!!!

Pleasantries are part of cycling. When you feel like it, anyway. And you should feel like it at least 50% of the time. That does not have to include races. But out on a beautiful day...seeing fellow triathletes all tucked into aero...why the hell not?


(Okay secretly I'll admit I'm cracking up over your comment but ssshhh!)

Glad you guys had a nice ride. That's precisely why I'm afraid to get a Garmin...I'd always forget to charge it, I'm certain.

Loren Pokorny said...

It's not really the fault of Garmin, the charge on the Edge 305 lasts me >1 week of riding (about 12+ hours) and the Forerunner 305 might be longer but Ben is contstantly training with it - so I'm not sure how long he ever charges it for. They both charge off of a USB cable which is handy. Remembering to turn it on once you've over ridden the Auto Resume feature is another issue.

Rik said...

I feel suitably chastened now. I even exchange pleasantries in races sometimes (though never at the buffet line - I'm all business then.) You caught me on the bad 50% I guess. Either that or the aero helmet turned me into an Aero-Hole™.

At that point in the ride I was probably thinking about how badly my crotch hurt, how I wanted the ride to be over, how I was looking forward to getting to Chalk Hill so I could scout it out (and, more importantly, get out of the saddle for a bit), and how I need to get a different saddle before Vineman 70.3.

I'll try to grunt something out next time. Hopefully without ending up like that runner.

BTW, not only am I a swimrunbikeguy lurker, but also a UNC-Chapel Hill alum. Hi Greg!

Loren Pokorny said...

I'll admit to cheering for others, saying hello and foaming a latte for folks during bad patches or races that have gone away for me.

jeanne said...

all i can say is: I've been there. but i stopped and used what god gave us for times like this: the trees, shrubs, and monuments of d.c.

I feel for ya!