Thursday, June 26, 2008

Silk Chinese Robes

After 3 runs where my HR won’t come much out of the 195-209 range, I figured I should see a doctor.  Mostly because 1) I don’t think it’s good to run for 90 mins like that 2) I’m probably sick 3) my resting HR yesterday was 130.  It’s taken me a month to figure this out – but I’ve only felt really bad recently.  It’s not salmonella but more likely Giardia which I probably got while racing in the UVAS triathlon.  I’m going to the doctor today at noon.  I’m sort of bummed because it’s a hard week but I can’t really train – though I had a decent 90 min run that was super easy and I ran 7:45 pace without trying. 
UPDATE: Got to the doc and he was no nonsense – he said we can do labs and wait for them to come back in a few days THEN treat you or we can treat you.  He said all of my symptoms sound like Giardia and that there have been a ton of cases reported in the city and even in Oakland.  He also said that there is a huge shortage of doctors (I had to call 8 of them yesterday to find one who would even see me) due to cost of living here as well as insurance.  No I’ve got some killer antibiotics which kill your training but can’t be worse than being sick for a month or running 12 miles with an HR over 190. 
I’d talk about the fires in California but it’s not very interesting now that it’s been covered and covered.  You can see smoke and it smells a bit here – even swimming yesterday AM I noticed it in the Belvedere Lagoon.  
I’m also registered and bought plan tickets to NH for the Timberman 70.3.  Since Ian aka Huggy Bear aka Chemo-sabe decided to get cancer, I had to find a different race other than Santa Barbara to do this year (it wouldn’t be the same without Huggy on the start line) – so why not a 70.3 near my hometown.  I’m interested to see how a California athlete can stack up against those New Englanders on a hot and humid August morning.  Also doing three 70.3 races in a row should ensure I have a good one and can quickly apply anything I learn in one to the next – so one out of three should be good for me.  I also used frequent flier miles to go, so it cost me $10 to get to Boston and back.  I’m sure the snacks will cost more. 
Below is basically how I live from day to day, as I lay in bed here’s what goes though my mind:


Sarah said...

I knew I was sick last weekend when my resting HR was 115...and shot up to like 160 when I barely got into a jog on the run.

I hope you start to feel better soon. :(

Maybe there is some weird stomach flu virus thing going around...I've known two other people who've been similarly sick lately.

Loren Pokorny said...

That is exactly what I have. A short hill on the bike yesterday = 160+ HR. An 8 min mile = 185 HR. Maybe we've all got incredible fatigue - but I'm guessing it's a flu of some sort. Some nausea, some stomach cramps and the high HR - that's it though.

Kelly said...

i completely still do not understand how you got giardia in the US.

maybe you've got a case of this fucking white smoke is making my head hurt

Greg Remaly said...

so almond butter is no longer the scourge of your existance? That's a relief. and what's with the nonsensical titles? laziness is what I call it.

Loren Pokorny said...

1) suspected giardia is likely from swimming in the water at the UVAS triathlon.
2)I'm sure the almond butter is fine - just not before a run, it simply doesn't settle. Ben will say it's because I used SOOOOO much - I had like <2 TSP.
3) the title DOES have a purpose, it's just nothing to do with my post. I couldn't name it 'I THINK I HAVE GIARDIA'. then people would think I've got the scoots, when in fact I don't.

Ben said...

Wow, when life gets busy my RSS inbox gets really full. I was hoping there was a purpose behind the title besides the obvious, but I guess I'm wrong.