Friday, June 20, 2008

Klepto Migrates

Since you read this blog, you like read BenCollinsDotOrg’s blog (thanks C).  Many months ago Ben wrote about Klepto the Crow who stole Ben’s gel while he was doing a track workout.  It was funny. 

He forgot to blog about how recently he was doing another track workout here and had the same thing happen – his gel got lifted but this time it was either Klepto or the busload of special Olympians who were doing a track workout. 

bigburrito Last week Ben saw pretty much the largest burrito ever from Burritoville, a place where our super-nanny Erika takes our kids every week where 3 people can’t even finish 1 burrito.  The burrito was about the size of my thigh and about a foot long.  You could have tossed it on a day bed as a pillow roll and no one would have taken a 2nd look.  So Ben obsessed about that burrito for days because above all else in this world Ben loves food.  There is no way he could have chosen another profession because I don’t think he would be able to work amongst the 32 different meals he makes in a single morning.  He starts his day shuffling to the kitchen where he had a bowl (think about what 2 cups of All Bran looks like), puts half of a big tub of plain yogurt on top, followed by fruit (strawberries or blueberries are the usual) and then put milk on that.  That is breakfast #1.  I know a breakfast #2 follows it because I’ve got a mathematical gift that enables me to count dishes.  I think it’s funny until we’re out of All Bran, yogurt, fruit and milk on Tuesday after grocery shopping on Sunday.  I can tell he gets desperate when at 8:30pm he asks to use the car for a quick trip to Safeway. 

Sorry, I got lost there…

back to the burrito and Klepto:  so after having been consumed with getting his own pillow roll burrito – he convinces Erika to bring one home for home.  She does.  I saw it, he told me about it 2-3 more times about where and when he’s going to eat it.  You’d think it was a first date with the girl he’d marry. 

I thought nothing of it until I was at dinner last night with Greta having a great time (thanks Soda) and a super tasty salmon-seafood-paella + a perfectly chilled pinot gris.  Greta goes on to tell me that ‘I had that burrito that was in the fridge for lunch today’. 

I’m sure there were tears yesterday.  It could have BEEN MUCH WORSE.

It’s also possible that there were two burritos and that this story really wasn’t that good.  After all I did just write a whole post about Ben eating.  I like to think that Ben won’t read this, there was one burrito and he thinks that will all of the doors open at our home, Klepto followed him to Tiburon.

PS – the alternative title to this blog was ‘PUT HIM IN A BODY BAG’ but then I would have had to tie the Karate Kid to the story.  Courtenay would grown, blog about the stolen stuff, that Greg took and how Ben did something and there is a pumpkin muffin somewhere and poor Greta would have once again not been part of my post.  So I didn’t do that.

PSS – I had a great time with Greta last night – it was like a real date except she knows I’ll call her the next day. 


Kelly said...

that is an awesome picture

Courtenay said...

i am speaking to neither greggy greg nor ben collins dot org. don't ask me why because i can't remember but i am mad at both of them.

i would throw up if i ate as much as ben. i bet greggy greg doesn't even eat as much as ben.

also we need to tell ben that if he doesn't want to be known as ben collins dot org he needs 1. a new gmail status message and 2. a new facebook religion and 3. an altered welcome message on ben collins dot org.

Anonymous said...

I witnessed the sadness of the burrito gone missing.