Friday, June 6, 2008

Is Good?

May08late 012 That's what Piper says sometimes if you're eating something that looks tasty to her.  Then if you say yes, there's a good chance that you'll have a few chubby little fingers grabbing a taste of whatever you're eating.  If it's got frosting on it - forget it, you're not getting another bite. 

Here's today's post: things that are good!

Moving to CA and not knowing more than 1 person (my CEO), it was an adventure.  Greta had never lived outside of Washington, the girls had never lived far from at least one set of grandparents, I had worked for a very stable company for 12 years and had a good career that I really enjoyed, we had a beautiful brand new Mc Mansion home and it was good.  But instead we took a chance. 

It hasn't been incredibly easy leaving good friends, our jobs and everything we knew behind with NO IDEA of what to expect, except for high prices (our house is 2x what it was in WA and we had hydropower generated electricity which is dirt cheap). 

Forget the speed bumps we've hit (having to unexpectedly move because our landlord decided his business partner's wife was ripe for the taking - which meant divorce and the selling of all assets) it's good. 

We've got some incredible and good friends, it's sunny and warm, our kids can't help but smile and we've got an orange and lemon/lime tree (we thought it was a lime tree with really sour limes). 


Here are some other things that are just good:

  • I've been married to the greatest girl for over 10 years.  She even likes me.
  • My kids are strong, healthy and smart (cute too, but that will only cause problems for me in about 10 years)
  • My family is healthy.
  • We have jobs
  • Our kids have a nanny who loves them and works hard to keep them learning, active and using good manners.
  • Sada is starting swim lessons in 2 weeks.
  • Greta has tennis lessons every week.
  • My friend Ian is killing me in the swim and battling cancer like a champ - though we'll see how things go when he's off the dope. 
  • I really do like swimming, it's just so HARD!
  • Ben gave me new goggles and I'm excited for his race on Sunday.  He's a special athlete (not the kind who rides an abbreviated school bus but the kind that can throw down 400 watts and smile at you).
  • People actually still write to and call me.
  • My parents are celebrating their 40th anniversary in 2 weeks at our home.
  • Soda is back in town to train with (oh yeah, she owes me SO MUCH BABYSITTING)
  • One of my cars is under warranty.
  • On occasion, there is more money in the bank than what I owe (sort of).
  • Sada is turning 5 and Piper is hopefully going to make it to 3 with all of the teeth left in her head this month.
  • I have 2 more discs left to watch of Miami Vice season 3 and all of Season 4
  • Dates with Greta are the best. 
  • For ever week I train, my HR goes down 1 beat while my output improves.
  • There is a Starbucks 1 block from my office.
  • My beanie hat is my favoritest hat to wear. 
  • Sada likes to sprint on her bike and Katie has agreed to train her in 12 years.
  • I ride a boat to work every day. 
  • I wear shorts and a t-shirt nearly 7 days a week. 
  • I'm not allergic to peanut butter (but my dad is)
  • I lost 3% body fat in the past few weeks, more if I hadn't lost 12 bottles of wine to my weak will.
  • My helmet matches my racing kit.
  • I have yellow sneakers and not a single person has tried to beat me up for that.


Kelly said...

all the people in italy say 'is good' all the time. as in 'is 1 mile down road. no problem. you walk. is good.' and it always is NOT good but now i've started saying it.

that's a good list.

Loren Pokorny said...

I forgot to also mention that I had Bobby Brown on my iPOD and I didn't care what anyone thinks. Y,Ya,Ya know it.

Sarah said...

Awwwwww that is the sweetest list ever. Awwww.

I can't stop saying awww.


I'm really happy for you guys. Funny about your post because without even seeing what you wrote, I wrote something on a related note of living in a new place.

That's probably why I liked your post so much.

That and I generally like happy, nice things.

I also like when people appreciate all the good in their lives. It just goes by too damn quickly to not be taking looks around and thinking " good."