Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Furuncle and Abe Lincoln

I really had nothing good to call this post - so I pulled out the term furuncle.  Apparently in the pre Tour de France medical check there has been 1 rider ever deemed unfit and it was because of a furuncle.  I'm a tour fanatic, so my posting in July will be sporadic as I'm torn between the final weeks of Vineman prep and watching the live coverage of the Tour.  Even the kids know they don't have a tv watching choice during those sacred weeks. 

cobrakai300dpi This past weekend was not a strong one for training - still not feeling 100% and I still think that I can 'just run tomorrow'.  I never do.  I'm retarded for even thinking I will. 

I did get out with Ben for probably our first and only ride together in the past year.  We did something around 3 hours - neither of us really know because we simply don't remember to charge or turn back on our Garmin toys.  It involved lots of Z2, some Z4 to catch Ben after he decided that my Z2 was WAY too slow and the rest in Z3.  Ben found that 100 something miles on the end of an Adamo seat, while wonderful for keeping your 'stuff' happy - the parts you do sit on end up in a sorry state for a few days. 

Tomorrow we've got our second guest of the summer arriving (it's close to summer I think).  Greg will be here for a few days and while I expect little to no baby sitting action, I do hope to get a few points on my swim along with some POSITIVE feedback (Ben assures me that when there is some improvement he'll say something).  Which leads me to this complaint of swim coach feedback which Kelly has eluded to sharing some of the same thinking: there is too much to think about.  How can a poor swimmer improve when there is literally a dozen or so things to think about when swimming?  Here's what I've heard that I need to do and I simply don't have any strategy for prioritizing what exactly I need to do in order to be faster:

  1. Reach further - stay long
  2. Reach out - don't cross the body's centerline
  3. Keep your head down - feel the water on the back of your head.
  4. High elbows - not sure when but I know I'm supposed to have them.
  5. natural recovery arc - should be relaxed path
  6. Think Kayak - not a plastic bag in the water (or else you'll be called a sausage link in water .6 miles from home)
  7. Solid core (sort of relates to #5 I think)
  8. Suck stomach up
  9. tighen your rear end
  10. small kicks
  11. feet together
  12. rotate but not too far

You get my point - this is all I can remember.  Somewhere in there is a stroke and breathing.  I'm not even going into how I have to watch for manta rays and giant herring with teeth.  Lastly, you'll get made fun of is you finish last so you have to do 1-12 quickly. 

Riding a bike is pretty easy.  Get on, pedal, don't bounce, get a bike fit, ride hard.  Running is easier.  Run fast for 30-45 mins or run slower but longer. 

I told Ben that if he didn't write a post soon about prioritizing what I'm supposed to do in the water that I would post a video of his room. 

I told the girls that Greg had a pet pig because that's sort of how they put stuff together.  I also said he was tall and they wanted to know how tall the pig was.  I apologize now Greg. 

Lastly, I was pointed to a great new site.  It's called 'Every Thursday A Theme'.  Basically there is a theme for each week for you to focus on.  A good triathlete would think 'run with a purpose' or 'focus on pedaling in circles' - but it's better.  Here are some samples to consider for a week:

Stomp and clap the "We Will Rock You" beat
Buck your teeth way out
Constantly lick your front teeth
Windmill right arm while walking
Talk into your sleeve, like a Secret Service agent
Make your voice quiver with righteous indignation
When finished talking, add "Mmmm..." to the end of your statements
Feign Catholicism.
Fixate on Maine Coons.

Why you ask is there a Cobra Kai logo?  Well, I've seen the Karate Kid at least 4 times in the past week.  Piper yelled 'Bonzai' at me and gave me her best chubby armed karate chop.  I pity all future guys who ask her out.


Sarah said...

So this week we're fixating on Maine Coons. We should come up with a Tri version - as in, a WHOLE LIST. That would be fun. But it would have to be fun things like "Wear your swim cap while riding your bike" or "Go into the break room like you're in T1 and practice doing everything quickly"

That would be fun.

I agree there's too much to think about in swimming. I feel like I get slower every year instead of faster, and yet I learn more about all the RIGHT things to do every year. WTF?

Greg Remaly said...

You're going to be like Daniel-san with both Ben and me ganging up on you. If somebody in the background can shout, "Get'em a body bag, YEEAAAHHH!" then the metaphor will be complete. And crane kicks won't work on us.

tks said...

not sure about #3, but don't forget:

really short fast strokes are better - if your arms are going fast you must be going fast

slap the water, show it who is boss - you can even punch it if you really want

bend your legs at your knees and kick super hard - the higher your splash the faster you'll go - it's a proven science

Courtenay said...

you should show them the photo of greg with the little teeny baby pony.

is greg supposed to be abe lincoln here or something?

also, my little perspective on all the things to remember: this is where drills are helping me. so i drill one or two things at a time and they become automatic so i don't have to think about them any more, or at least not as much, e.g. the not crossing over thing and high elbows. but don't listen to me because i am still slow (although GETTING FASTER woohoo!)

Loren Pokorny said...

No, Greg is Greg (who happens to have a pet pig). The 'Every Thursday A Theme' site calls (this week) for you to make up stories about Abe Lincoln. There's a lot of reading comprehension in this one.

Sarah said...

No, no - you're wrong. Abe Lincoln is next week (June 19 is Thursday - THE GEORGE MICHAEL CONCERT, AAAAAAH!!!). This week is Maine Coons.

Loren Pokorny said...

It's my blog. Not sure where our tickets are but they were like $400. THey should be in his lap, but I'll take just sitting somewhere that doesn't require me standing for 2 hours.

Chris Westall said...

I agree with you on too many things to think about. my swim coach has me doing all these drills which in some way or another are working (mainly to screw me up) but eventually I know it'll all click. I'm hoping it's going to be like my golf lesson... I'm a 12 handicap, I take a lesson, I Sucked for a while and now I'm an 8.

Probably not... I'll just continue to go 1 meter per second and call it a day (yes I know that's Slow!)

I think you should have a food theme for each week. This week Cherries. Next week plums...

Soda said...

I don't recommend punching the water, it is hard and you don't go very far. I did a 50 with fists the other day after using paddles, my arms felt ridiculously loose, like spinning at 50watts.

I fear for my life entering this Karate filled house tomorrow. I know someone is going to jump out of some corner and aim a kick or a chop in my direction.