Thursday, June 19, 2008

3 Minute Oat Meal

There is no theme for this, be warned. I yearn to post a concise 1 paragraph daily blog, but I'm either busy or full of something I just have to get out (and it's not poop). 

There is a great blogger culmination today - either that or everyone I know blogs.  Ben is at our home, Greg is at our home with his almond butter.  Soda is watching our girls tonight because as capable as two well educated guys are, they simply may fall apart when faced with 2 very silly naked little girls who need to put their jammies on.  Lastly, I'll see Sarah tonight (possibly) at a concert I'm going with Greta for an unspecified artist (and not it's not NKOTB nor is it Motley Crue). 

Having two pro athletes in the house is mildly interesting but their occupation is none that I would choose - it's hard. Very hard.  Yesterday they grumbly awoke at 5am something to swim at the lagoon.  Then they came home and made oatmeal. 

This morning they slept in, I'm guessing until 8am or so.  I ran 8.25 miles about as fast as I've ever run it (in the past 12 years) and then came home where I had 15 mins to shower, change and head out for work. 

oldpeople Although they have sort of known each other for a few hours (not counting the blog reading) Ben and Greg are like and old married couple.  Last night we were all watching The Karate Kid and I asked who was swimming on Friday am, they both sort of look up at me like a pair of uninterested 14 year olds and state, oh we're swimming with Bob (who was an Olympic caliber swimmer back when the Karate Kid was in theaters and he just happens to own pretty much the nicest lap pool in the Bay Area). 

This morning as the couple are standing in the kitchen with their freshly styled bed heads, Ben looks to Greg and says 'are you making oatmeal?' with the same exact tone and look I would get from Greta asking if I would make the coffee. 

I honestly don't think real oatmeal can be made in 3 minutes, Ben says it can as per the box.  It's like 8.

I found it funny.  They also eat 1/2 cookies at a time. 

I am looking forward to trying almond butter which apparently has made Ben's list of things that are pro (hopefully he'll commit this list we've been assembling of things pro and so not pro to his site). 

Greg and Greta got to discuss Infinite Jest which I'm guessing was a thrill for Greta because I don't discuss books.  I could heard the groans coming from Incline Village.  I WILL read it, probably not before Jan 09 though.


Sarah said...

I eat 1/2 cookies at a time. I feel less guilty that way and they last longer.

I was trying to think of how we might meet up this evening. Dinner? Carpool?

Funny you should say Soda is the one baby-sitting...I commented last night on Greg's blog and asked if they were baby-sitting. HA!!

So basically even though they can both swim, bike and run like hell and get their wetsuits off in like 2 seconds, they're really not very good at going through the bedtime routine with two little girls. That's funny...

Courtenay said...



this is awesome.

meanwhile, yes there are groans coming from incline village, you guys and your dumb movies and OATMEAL IS SO SO GROSS.

also i'd like to reiterate that the almond butter is *mine*. so is the advil. greggy greg stole them and is still in trubs.

Loren Pokorny said...

Funny- and yes, the Advil was on the table yesterday. I could use some now.

Courtenay said...

also i am permanently on page 352 of infinite jest, greggy greg's favourite book which he has read in its entirety 7 times. i doubt i will make any progress by jan. 2009.

maybe greggy greg will leave me for ben collins dot org over this. one can only hope ;)

Sarah said...

This gets more hilarious every time I check back in.


Greg Remaly said...

i am choosing to ignore all references to 'greggy greg' fyi.

sada and piper are great, but yes, when they start to run around naked (like last night for example) I'd rather just avert my eyes rather than do anything about it.

loren and ben are the original old married couple. they are hilarious together.

the almond butter and advil are mine.

Courtenay said...

well they are yours now because you stole them from me, obviously.

also you said rather twice. way to proofread greggy greg!