Sunday, May 4, 2008



This is today's post - I would have written one yesterday but it was the same as today. 

Disney08 134

This is how a 4 year old saves her chicken leg for the morning, you put it in a glass on the night stand (next to the spaghetti - like you didn't know that).

Here's Piper - the 2 year old who can't ever walk a straight line.  This is pretty much how we all have navigated Disneyland for the past 3 days.  Note the thumbs up for 'let's go'.  Not sure where that came from but we see it a lot. 


tks said...

since this blog has become so very unmanly, i figured i would take this moment to mention that the new NKOTB song is beyond horrible. so i plead to the entire pokorny clan - who has a long history of being NKOTB fans (including the one who puked in Nanna's shoes) to please move on and let the NKOTB train so rightfully crash and burn back into oblivion, because i'm not sure i can withstand another "single." thank you.

Courtenay said...

are you guys STILL on vacation?!?!