Thursday, May 8, 2008

Truly Random

Lots of blogs will write posts about stuff that isn't related to anything and they're tagged 'random' - this is one of those posts.

As I was riding home the other day I was going about 23mph or so down a trail and coming the other way this lady who wasn't wearing a helmet was weaving all over the road.  As she got about 10m from me, she swerved right at me.  It turns out she was trying to put her cigarette in her mouth while riding. 

I was searching the web and found that someone had caught my swim start at Oceanside along with some of my swim - watch below to see me in action.

Actually, Sada (that really wasn't me) was so proud of not being afraid of getting her face wet (a bit issue with kids) in addition to truly 'swimming' as opposed to walking on the bottom of the pool or floating in a life ring.  She insisted I tell Uncle Ben immediately about how she was swimming.  It's really great to have someone like Ben who very enthusiastically tried to teach Sada how to swim and be comfortable in the water.  When he wasn't doing that he would do things like lay on the bottom of the pool for long time or try and swim with a beach ball down to the bottom of our pool (this usually meant he'd go down about 2 ft and kick a lot in the air but never made much progress). 

Those of you who have seen me know I'm not pro-athlete lean.  I had to carry some weights upstairs yesterday (8lbs each) and realized how hard it was to carry an extra 16 lbs up -which is about what I am over my old 'race weight'.  The good news is that I can still beat on those really skinny guys (which is just about everyone reading this) who are toting <7% fat and I will improve and get faster with fewer lbs to haul around.  Carrying that weight hit home a bit about how much I'm giving on the run up by just not putting down that 2nd muffin.  The positive takeaway is that I'm a heck of a role model when it comes to eating for my kids - Sada is obviously not taking after me but Piper is taking eating to a whole new level.


This amazing bite is then followed by a subtle 'thumbs up'


Which apparently wasn't enough because she provide a double thumbs up afterwards. 


I had a great swim today doing the warm up (200) followed by the famous (and fun) Ben workout along with some paddles and sculling drills.  I probably paddle wheeled a bit but it was my fastest and strongest swim workout ever.  Every 'hard' effort was truly solid with no fading in the final 25 and it was even fun.  I can't wait for the next showdown with Ms. Brown.


Courtenay said...

Hmm. Well so far I am winning the Comment War. You need to post blogs about ponytails if you want reader interest/feedback!

Sarah said...

Truly random...and TRULY CUTE! Those girls are just so damn fun to see pictures and videos of.

Keep posting things of your kids and have Greta write more often and you're well on your way to not being 'that guy' who always writes about training.

(that was mean, I know, but oh, i just couldn't resist...;)