Wednesday, May 7, 2008

This Isn't a Date

Greta wasn't feeling great (the LA smog got to us both while visiting Disney) and went home (hotel room) early with Piper (2 year old) - so Sada (4 year old) and I decided to catch the fireworks and a few final rides on Sunday night.  Since there are tons of crowds at Disneyland, we make the girls hold hands with us and as Sada and I were walking down the street to the carousel ride I said 'this is just like we're on a date' and Sada says 'no it's not' and I asked her why not and she replied 'because we're not going to a restaurant'.  I only issue this as a warning to all guys who are reading this who are about 4-6 years old right now - she's got high expectations for a date fellas.  Everything she's learned about dating is from the Disney movie 'Enchanted' where I think Greg could easily play Prince Edward in an off off Broadway adaptation.  If you haven't seen it, be prepared to endure LOTS of singing.  Ben and Soda, you'll both know this movie well in the coming weeks as I've got you both heavily scheduled for babysitting.

Once again we bring the sweetest 2 girls to Disneyland only to see them pose inappropriately with the Disney characters - I swear we do not teach them this at home.

Disney08 116

It was nice to take 4 days off from training and my workouts for the past 2 days have shown that the rest was needed.  I ran .4 miles further today during my fartlek workout than I did last week and my average min/mile pacing continues to drop about every 2 weeks with anywhere from 2-4 seconds off per every 10 days or so.  I haven't done as much running as I'd like to - so we've made some adjustments there as I know I have a lot of room to improve and hope to get my race pace respectable among the top 10-15 guys.  As I've mentioned before and besides my 'swimming', my #1 issue on race day is not my run training - it's my mental ability to run fast, I mean I clock 7 min miles in a 4-5 mile race which is a crime and is disrespectful to the sport not to mention my family and country!  I'll be racing differently in 1 week at the UVAS triathlon where I hope to push myself harder than I've done in any prior race - solid focused efforts in each effort. 

I was proud of Courtenay and Chris's efforts at Wildflower.  The 70.3 distance is a fun one - but it's easy to see a small mistake affect everything.  I hope to take the lesson's I learned at Oceanside 70.3 and apply them to Vineman:  swim harder not worry about conserving energy or running out of gas, not worrying about riding too hard/easy - it's still a very good distance to RACE, bring enough electrolyte pills, drink more water, and lastly, have the right footwear.  

I hope to catch up on some blog reading, commenting and getting out some new marketing materials for a few of the faster folks I'm helping with sponsorships and generally just being bossy with.  I should be finishing up The Fountainhead but I only made progress on 3 pages during our trip while Greta read an entire book (thanks Sarah for the book recommendation).  I also found that I've got 4 triathlete/inside tri magazines I haven't even read!  Ugh. 


Courtenay said...

hmm that makes one of us rergarding pride. yikes. did i tell you i accidentally spit apple on the fancy lieto green carpet?! yikes!

anyhow your kids are cracking me up!

i don't know how you can subscribe to all that tri drivel. i allow myself one junk magazine per quarter, 4Q07 and 1Q08 were both Triathlete mag issues. 2Q is tbd... Is there a "Swimmer's World" magazine?

Courtenay said...

i need to proofread my comments. esp since i got on ben's case about not proofreading posts.

at least i am not posting entries for the world's-retardedest-videos contest though.

oh and ps that walking in disneyland video - HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! ben needs to post videos like that!

Greg Remaly said...

For you Court I'll bring back a swimming magazine or two here from this swimming-obsessed household. Maybe I can give one to Loren so he can see that nobody in the magazine wears triathlon suits for their swim workouts. Ben can thank me later.

Me as Prince Edward? Well it is true that I did star in a couple musicals in grade school, once upon a time, but (based on what I've seen in trailers) doesn't Patrick Dempsey get the girl in the movie? I probably wouldn't care because she looks like just some over-chipper blonde chick. Nevermind.

Dalai Mama said...

Scout is a big Sada fan. He thinks she lives at Disney and now I am going to have to take him this weekend. He turns 6 tomorrow (can you believe that????) He said he'd take her to Cinderella's Castle for dinner, and bring her flowers.