Thursday, May 22, 2008


As you can see, there is some work to be done.  These fat sausages should make you think twice about grabbing that second DESIREE FICKER PUMPKIN MUFFIN or that 2nd glass of Merlot (or even the first). 

May08late 004

On another note, I went out for an easy hour run this AM and did a few 30 second sub 5k pace strides.  On number 5 I was running and saw what looked like a big log on the side of the trail (which is along the ocean).  As I got closer towards the end of my stride I realized it was a giant dead fish.  It was at least 5' long and a big wider than my thigh (which means big).  Someone had tossed it up from the beach and left it there to gross people out.  I'm not really squeamish - but I had to walk for a few moments in order to keep from losing my gel. 

PS - I will be posting the recipe along with my tweaks.  Sooooooooooooo good.


Sarah said...

I can't decide if I'm actually surprised that you really did post a picture of your legs.

Wow. No, I'm not saying wow at your legs.

I'm saying wow because I really wondered if you'd do it.

You must be having a hard time thinking of things to post about, huh?

Where's Greta? Or Chris? GUEST WRITERS, PLEASE!

Loren Pokorny said...

Next up, a video of me riding through a cemetary (which was for some reason, one of Ben's most popular posts ever). Maybe I'll get a picture of the dead fish if it's still there tomorrow.

I think secretly you are thinking 'wow' at my legs.

Greta thinks I'm sort of a jerk for making her take that photo. I think she too is thinking 'wow'.

Taylor said...

Until mm writes her post you can take a pic of my stems and post them too -- i don't mind. Ya i'm cocky.

Greg Remaly said...

i'm too embarrassed to post a picture of my skinny calf muscles. I need to get a calf muscle implant so they can look like Lamar Odem's.

seriously though, that's a huge fish. picture please! just send it to me if it's too gross for the general blog-reading public.

I think one of the reasons Ben's graveyard video was so popular was because Court and I kept going back to watch it again and again. Don't lie and say you only watched it once.

Loren Pokorny said...

No lie, I watched it once and flamed him twice. It was not the worst video I've ever seen by Ben but I regretted it ever since.

Sarah said...

I'll still never forget this old tv show on MTV called...oh what was it...True Life I think. Anyway there was one episode where the guy got CALF IMPLANTS.


And at the end of the show where they say how the people are doing it says "[guy's name] and his calves are still single."

Calf implants are dumb. But then, so is all plastic surgery for purely aesthetics.

Kelly said...

true life is such a great show because you get to meet these real type of people.

'true life: i'm a cage fighter' was the best.

lorpeedo could go on that show.

Soda said...

I think my calves are the only muscle group I have never consciously tried to work on...I'll have to post a picture of my kick ass calves... maybe I should take video of cool old new england cemeteries... NOT

where exactly was this fish on the bike path... I have found some really interesting things washed up there. I trying to guess how many boats wash up after a storm.