Thursday, May 1, 2008

Mice, Ferries and $6.95 Dogs

That's right - I'm going to Disneyland!  I'm taking my mid-season break which is basically the only break I've ever taken since starting my training around the end of October 2007 (except for illness).  I could fly from SFO to LA and then hit Disney, but with the never ending flight delays, bringing 2 kids, a stroller, car seats, and all of the waiting -it's about the same amount of time (and certainly less expensive) to suck it up and drive 7 hours - PLUS we can stop at Starbucks.  We're all very excited and we'll be posting our adventures over the weekend here:

Here's probably the most inappropriate photo Mickey has ever taken. 


Since it's a short week - lots of intensity - bike intervals Tues and Today along with a great fartlek workout today

5 min @ 168/172

4 @ 164

4@ 175-180

3@ 164

3@ 180/185


rinse and repeat x2  It was a good workout and takes about 1 hour and I got in a bit over 8 miles. 

It's a big weekend simply because I know 3 Pro's named Chris doing Wildflower.  I also can't wait to see Courtenay's times up there with the top pros - she'll for sure turn some heads. 

One of the best parts about Disney is that you can expect to 1) have lots of fun 2) see lots of parents killing their kids (whether it's through tiring them out and then the kids melt down or they just stop and beat them) 3) there is no where except for Disneyland/World and Giant's Stadium where a hot dog costs $6.95 (I did partake in the FREE HOT DOGS after the Sac Tri last weekend - probably the best post-race meal ever). 

I'm excited for it regardless of cost and the 14 hours of driving.  Who wouldn't want to see these kids happy?


Kelly just wrote the single best review of a triathlon swim.  It's absolutely perfect and it probably speaks for 75% (I'm guessing 75% because I can honestly only speak up to the 66th percentile of swimmers right now) of the people who race because only about 3 people I know actually enjoy the swim and all of them do the sport for a living.  Maybe they'll launch a series that only involves a 1.5k knee-deep water run. 

Kelly writes:

I get a little spastic in swim starts in general. I have been known to panic/asthma attack. So I was happy when at first the swim was just bad, not awful. I had some space around me. Then I got hit on the left. Then I got hit on the right. Then the two guys started veering into each other and squishing me in the middle. read more....

There is always this classic:


Kelly said...

wait, wait, wait. there were hotdogs?!?

Anonymous said...

ooo kelly you missed out!!!

we only ever used to get to go to D-Land if 3 things coincided...1-we were already in socal (at grandma's house) 2-it was NOT near summer and 3-it was raining and Mom wasn't racing.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE that video, I wish I had cool friends to do that for me!! Hey all in the marin area, you think Richard would let us do this from his dock?? Or how about we just jump into the bay from loren's and swim to San Quentin (say hi to the lifers) and back??

Anonymous said...

That's a great commercial. I love how there's that quick shot of him eating a cliff bar sitting on the sand. Seems completely random until you realize it's a cliff bar commercial.

In the St A's World Cup in '02, there were 80 guys going around a narrow two-loop course. I basically felt like I swimming overtop and underneath guys the whole way. I wasn't even that wet after I got out of the water - about 12th of 80, maybe :08 down on the 1st guy. So I did a good job of body-crawling, although during the swim I thought I was doing horribly. Welcome to world cup racing.

Also great picture of Mickey and your daughter. I didn't see anything inappropriate until you pointed it out. Shows how observant I am I guess.

Anonymous said...

I forgot to add that when they used to put on that silly fantasma show that is the best time to ride any ride that normally has a long line. my brother and I rode splash mountain for a record of 12 TIMES!!! before the end of the light show! It was AWESOME!!!!