Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I Want a Bean Feast

Now that we've moved into the latest century I actually have DVR.  This means I can save all of those great movies that I've seen dozens of times but somehow never owned on DVD (there's something about not owning every movie ever produced and finding great pleasure in seeing it in the TV listings).  Here are a few of those films that we don't own (ok, maybe we do) and when they're on we love to watch them - or at least I'd like to watch them now:

  • Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (1971 version ONLY) (btw, I swear Veruca Salt sings 'I want a bean feast' before she plummets down the bad egg chute)
  • Any James Bond Movie (though I own all but from Russia With Love, which is one of my favorites)
  • Star Wars
  • Top Gun
  • Patriot Games
  • Uncle Buck

I thought the following image would help inspire a few folks through their training.  If it doesn't inspire you, it will likely anger you.  It's pretty much the most confusing piece of art I've ever seen.  Terrible doesn't really cover just how insane it is.  It's about a good as a video of someone riding a bike through a graveyard - WHICH BEN REMOVED FROM HIS SITE (cowardly to remove such a bad post).


I'm still pretty knackered from a decent effort up Tam plus all of the hard miles I've been running.  Today my legs got a break and I got in a swim!  My coach has me doing longer (300s) efforts 4-6x at a faster but sustainable pace - it's getting easier every week, so I push harder.  Lately I've seen good progress and even got a compliment today from a real live swimmer (the kind who takes 6 strokes and is across the pool in 1/2 the time it takes me to paddlewheel it).  I think that was my first and it wasn't 'man, you use a pull buoy longer than anyone I know' and it also wasn't 'you're a paddlewheeling fool'.  I'll feel good about it for about 12 days before Ben makes me feel bad again by video taping me and naming the videos sad and depressing titles. 

I'm looking forward to racing on Sunday down at the UVAS triathlon, I think the distance is .75/18/5 miles.  I may even wash my bike before the event so I don't have to endure it's cement mixer-like sounds. 

It's a big weekend of racing for a bunch of people - I think Greg/Court10ay are racing the Columbia Triathlon, Me and Westie are racing UVAS, and Kelly is racing Auburn.  Sarah is going to be racing ____________?  Ben heads off to Korea for an ITU race in a week along with my friend Chris Tremonte.  It should be interesting to hear how that goes.  I am behind on what else is going on in the sport - so hopefully with a slow end to my week I can catch up.  Right now work is insanely busy and I swear that when I get home it's whirlwind of activity which includes, changing clothes (I ride home), eat dinner, play with kids, bathe kids/shower, change, jammie the kids, holler a few things to Greta, sit down, help pick up (I like to think I do this), stretch, watch 30 mins of something/read, get milk before bed (kids), lock up house, put kids down, after they get up 21 more times, put them down again, maybe have glass of wine, sit down with Greta and watch 30 mins of something or read or intend on doing either of those and instead falling asleep - all of this in about 2-2.5 hours. 

I'm a real hoot.

For those of you who don't live in the Marin area, here's why we left Seattle:



Kelly said...

have you ever watched the bond marathons they always have around the holidays on TBS or TNT or something. soooo good

and i can't believe it's going to be 100 tomorrow. this woman in the grocery store was complaining about how hot it is. and i was like look bitch, this ain't hot

Taylor said...

That fine piece of art gives me nightmares -- or maybe it's alex that gives me nightmares...But either way, WHY oh why would you post it. Don't triathletes have it hard enough having to swim that far -- now all they will be able to think about is getting attacked by that gay shark!!!!

julia said...

Wow, I had never thought of dolphins like that before. Now I do...

Tay-Tay - 'Always spreading wisdom'
as I like to say...

Brandon said...

I Believe Alex just had that scene tatooed on his thigh for inspiration has he looks down during races...Bond marathons on TBS are my triathalons.

Greg Remaly said...

sorry, there are too many things to comment on here i don't even know where to start. try blogging about one thing only at a time. max of two.

OK. The dolphin picture is stupid. It looks like he's jumping from a lake into another body of water. That doesn't make sense. among other things.

Ha, Ben took down his graveyard video. That's a shame. I should've downloaded it while I had the chance. My lion post is still up there btw.

I don't really care for the older Bond movies. I like the Pierce Brosnon one with that Asian chick in it and the latest Daniel Craig one. Uncle Buck, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (Gene Wilder edition) and Star Wars (Ep 4) are cool. I'm tired.

Christine said...

You forgot me! I am racing down in Harriman, NY.

AHH why did you have to go and post the weather report?!?!

Greg Remaly said...

I have two follow-up comments:

1) I would like to see a list of the top 3 or 5 titles Ben has give for your swimming videos. Everybody likes lists.

2) 101 degrees! That has to be some kind of record - a lot of places there don't even have AC, right?

Sarah said...

Agreed with Greg that you talked about too many things. There is just too much to respond to!

1) I'm not racing this weekend, but thanks for thinking of me. I really don't know what I want to do between now and Vineman. Something...but I dunno. I should figure that out soon though.

2) It was 84 degrees at 5 a.m. this morning. Can you believe that? We walked downtown to help out with the Bike to Work Day stuff at 6 a.m. and it was already 86. The wind was blowing hard, too. Craziness!

3) As for Bond, I LOVED the Daniel Craig one. I thought it was SO WELL DONE. I liked Brosnan as Bond, but I think I like Craig better...I think. Sean Connery was of course the man, too. Sigh...I love James Bond.

4) That dolphin picture was just...odd.

5) I know I left something out but that's all I can remember. GOOD LUCK THIS WEEKEND!!!!!!! HAVE FUN and please PLEASE hydrate. Glad the training is going well...oh that was it...congrats on more swimming and less paddlewheeling!

Chris Westall said...

Dolphin pic... yikes. Now that I work at, I actually get to some art street cred when I say... that piece of crap would never sell.

Bond... Sean Connery is James Bond. All others just don't compare. And Don't even get me started on Roger Moore (SUCKS)!

I'm also voting for no more than 2 topics. Just think at the number of blog posts your losing out on by posting 5 topics in 1 blog ;-)