Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Forecast Calls for Pain

It actually called for it last week and continues through next week.  Last week I missed my run, so I tried to throw down back to back 10+ mile runs both with varying degrees of Z3+ efforts.  I know that a missed workout should be left behind - but I really wanted to run.  It wasn't a good idea because it then caused me to push my bike interval day out which didn't give me enough time for recovering before my race.  Lesson learned and I'm focusing on not missing a workout to being with - if I do, it's gone.  The rest of May is also focus on good eating and nutrition.  Seems silly but if you say out loud 'this month we're going to focus on good eating' - it seems to make it work. 

I got in a good 1.5 hour run yesterday with about 50 mins of fartleks ranging from 5 mins (easier) to 3 mins (harder).  My legs were pretty tired by mile 10 since I had only 1 day off since racing - but I still gutted it out and was happy I had.  I clearly didn't put in much of an effort on Sunday - so my legs weren't in as bad a shape as they were after previous races.  It's considered an easy week which means less volume but the volume that I do have is jam-packed with a lot of thigh roasting efforts.

Today was the first swim for me in the Belvedere lagoon.  It's a man-made body of salt water (they flood it from the bay).  It's about 7 feet deep and I'd guess almost .75 miles long complete with fish and I'm sure in time I'll find the dead person that I'm convinced every body of water contains.  It's very different swimming this version of long-course than you get in the pool.  I think we end up swimming about .5 or .6 miles one way and then back.  End to end for me is about 35 mins or so.  I definitely will be using this venue to do more race simulation where I need to start much faster and hold on for dear life.  I know I can make up a handful of mins on both my bike and run - but nothing quite like I can on the swim where I am leaving a good 8-10 mins on the table.  With likely only a fraction of the effort in my training. 

Here is the lagoon where we swim the body on the right from nearly end to end. 


I know I'll get faster 1) because Ben "Lat Boy" Collins will point out a few obvious things I'm doing wrong when he arrives next week (which has garnered 15 secs alone / 100) and 2) because Ben refused to do any coaching until I got his required 'wunderpants', I now own a sweet pair of those and they must make me faster than the hole-filled, see-through fabric 'tri suit' I've been seen in.  I've also tossed the Zoomers from my swim - I was required to wear them last year in order to get from one end of the lagoon to the other, otherwise I was about 5 mins behind the group and they follow the pirate-code and wait for no one.

Ben's required 'WUNDERPANTS' (that's water+underpants).



Courtenay said...

hmm. your wunderpants look a little like a mini skirt.

are you getting a matching bra top?

Loren Pokorny said...

If Ben says I have to I will. It's all part of every former swimmer's plan to make non-swimmers as uncomfortable as possible. I might as well be wearing a thong its so small on my giant girth. It will ensure that I swim as early as possible.

Kelly said...

typically, we just call that a swimsuit

Loren Pokorny said...

Not where I'm from you don't.

Greg Remaly said...

haha, you haven't even heard my suggestions yet. You'll be swimming at 4 in the morning in a few weeks.

The lagoon looks cool. Ever do a perimeter swim, or is that not allowed?

Loren Pokorny said...

At the hour we swim, we have to sort of keep to the middle or side where the neighbors don't complain about the noise from the swimmers (yes, it's true). I'm sure you could but I'd rather just go back and forth (once is fine) - or you and Ben can do it 2x, just to show off.

Soda said...

LAGOON SWIMMING!! mom was kind of surprised to see you out there this morning, I have no clue why.

I will be in the sans-zoomer group but still kicking your butt!! Please tell me you aren't wearing your wet suit.

4am swims... oh man it is on! 5:45 is like sleeping in compared to the 5:15 bayclub calls.

Kelly said...

im kinda excited for lagoon swimming this summer

Sarah said...

Looks like fun. Except dealing w/the people who get annoyed that the swimmers are 'being too noisy.'

SHEEEEESH. You Tiburon people.

Soda said...

you just have to be vwer, vwery quiet, like you are hunting wabbits... or nazi richard will SHHH you.