Friday, May 23, 2008

Ben Was Right

Weeks, if not months ago Ben gave me a lecture about getting a feel for the water.  "La la la la water water splash more swimmer talk" is sort of how I understood it.  The old tri suit I was swimming in was fine for me and since you're supposed to race in the water in it - why couldn't I just wear it in the pool - this also supported my lifelong commitment to NEVER wearing a speedo or speedo-like garment EVER.

Ben said he would not teach me another thing until I had an appropriate suit.  So as the holes developed in my Orca tri suit and the fabric got thinner I acknowledged the need for a new suit.  So I got one of those suits that didn't violate my lifelong commitment but it wasn't a tri suit.  I don't even have boxers this small - so it was an adjustment.

MIAMI VICE -- Sleuth Series -- Pictured: (l-r) Don Johnson as Det. John Today I swam in these super-sexy shorts (no matching bra top).  Sexy they were - I won't even go into how my massive thighs looked (great) and how the buns of steel were highlighted to great effect.  I was in effect, the Don Johnson of the Marin Bay Club pool today - no jacket, no Ferrari but you get the picture.  I was also nearly alone except for the grandpa next to me and the pregnant lady in the other lane. 

Then I shot off the wall at a blazing 1:57/100m pace for my warm-up.  There it was.  I sensed it.  I felt the water.  I suddenly stretched a bit longer and held onto my glide for a fraction more.  I hit the wall, turned and shot off again and the shorts DIDN'T FALL DOWN (this was a problem when I started swimming a year ago in my jcrew jammers than went down to my knees). 

It was true and Ben was right.  The right shorts DO help and there is such a thing as a 'feel for the water' and for 38 minutes in the pool today I actually was swimming without hoping that they'd toss in a giant red inflatable lobster for me to play on. 


I still think Ben should shave his legs which would help with his crash recovery and clean up.  If you're gonna sprint in the Thursday night world championships, you had better be ready to go down for the win, all $10 of it.

PS: I'm making more of Desiree's Pumpkin Muffins today


Courtenay said...

you and your muffins!
although muffins sound WAY BETTER than greg and his movies. can i come over?

Loren Pokorny said...

When Greg visits we can watch all 3 of the Lord of the Rings (aka Lorpeedo of the Rings)extended version DVDs and make muffins together. Best of everything here in Marin.

Kelly said...

oh god, i did that once, watch all 3 extended versions. it was amazing/awful.

you were swimming in knee-length shorts? like the ones teenage boys wear to the beach? *shake head*

Loren Pokorny said...

I wouldn't call it swimming, more of a $75/hr paid hour long drowning.

Dalai Mama said...

Very European Loren!!!

That is not a swimsuit... it is very close to a speedo. hmmmmm. boy have times changed.

Soda said...

but will you wear these in the lagoon??

can you make the muffins gluten and dairy free for me?!?! perty please??!!?

Sarah said...

Mmmmm, Don Johnson. He was so hot back then.

Congrats on 'feeling the water.' And on finally wearing a proper suit.

So I found a recipe for 'amazing black bean brownies' that I'm going to try. And if they kick butt then I'm going to write endlessly about them until everybody surely knows how amazing they really are.